zack norman is sammy in chief zabu

Younger people have actually never seen any of these legendary character actors (Allen Garfield, Allan Arbus, Marianna Hill, Ed Lauter, Shirley Stoler, Zack Norman), so for them these are ‘fresh faces’ — and the style of comedy – and its satire of ‘grownups’ – is genuinely ‘out there’ while so much of today’s comedy is droll, self-conscious and guarded – with the result that people in their 20’s and 30’s find the high-energy of CHIEF ZABU refreshingly entertaining. Decades after it was shot, Chief Zabu a comedy about a dodgy real estate developer with political ambitions is finally being released. Chief Zabu. "…either a terrible movie that deserves to fade into obscurity, or a brilliant satire.

Tiburaku.”. Recently I spoke with co-writers/co-directors Neil Cohen and Zack Norman about their film “CHIEF ZABU” The film had a very long and unusual path to release and they were kind enough to answer our questions.

Pingback: The Ultimate Road Movie (in 13 Minutes): Myriah Rose Marquez's UNCOMFORTABLY COMFORTABLE ~ What'cha Reading? You see, it is expected to be named as the newest member of the United Nations. Your email address will not be published. It pr… The show that celebrates the best in independent film. CHIEF ZABU appearing after all these years is like finding out unicorns are real or Santa exists. What is the creature ... See full summary ».

": Neil Cohen's AMERICAN GARGOYLES reviewed by an 11 and a 9-year Old! It was a small box with a black-and-white headshot of character actor Zack Norman with the caption "Zack Norman is Sammy in Chief Zabu". The film stars Norman, Allen Garfield and Allan Arbus as New York businessmen trying to take over a newly independent Polynesian nation. David Lee Madison’s WIT’S END is out now On Demand. neil cohen & zack norman (aka howard zuker) in person on october 15 Filmed in the dead center of Reagan’s second-term, CHIEF ZABU was conceived as as a send-up of the get-rich-quick American mentality of the yuppie ’80s, following a couple of loudmouths who get themselves into an ill-conceived real estate venture in the fictional Polynesian island nation of Tiburaku. ), is most known to show business types as the film featured in an ad Norman ran in Variety for about a decade starting in 1981.   |  Pingback: "Can I Be in Charge of Merchandise? No spam, no selling email addresses. As for Zack Norman, he was a weekly presence in my home; my dad bought home Variety regularly, and I would read it to see the advertisements for upcoming films, the reviews, the grosses at the local Manhattan theaters, and the weekly “Zack Norman as Sammy in CHIEF ZABU” ad. Featuring a cast of legendary character actors - Allen Garfield (The Conversation), Zack Norman (Romancing the Stone), Allan Arbus (Putney Swope), Marianna Hill (The Godfather: Part 2), Manu Tupuo (Hawaii), Ed Lauter (The Longest Yard), Shirley Stoler (Seven Beauties), plus the harp-playing "Miss California," Lucianne Buchanan - and set in Manhattan, The Hudson Valley, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas and the fictional island nation of Tiburaku, CHIEF ZABU was shot almost entirely on a college campus, in 15 days, for under $200,000 (with the cast, crew, and student interns all living together in the dorms). The main duo consists of Ben Sydney, a real estate developer (played by Allen Garfield), and his friend and failed comedian, Sammy Brooks (played by co-director Zack Norman). R Zack Norman is Sammy in Chief Zabu. ~ What'cha Reading? [10] On August 16, 2017, Zabu's co-writer/directors were pictured on the front page of the New York Times Arts Section with a history of the film's unique and unusual journey. Brian Shaer

Her journey takes her to a strange Californian seaside town governed by a mysterious undead cult. Required fields are marked *. Chief Zabu is a long-unreleased film that was written, produced and directed by Neil Cohen and Zack Norman (under his birth name, Howard Zuker). is either a terrible movie that deserves to fade into obscurity, or a brilliant satire of the uncomfortable comingling of money, power, celebrity, and politics. [15], Following a series of festival and awards-qualifying screening runs, blogger Chad Sternberger of the popular website The Studio Exec implored Hollywood distributors: "For heaven's sake could someone please release Chief Zabu. The film stars Norman, Allen Garfield and Allan Arbusas New York businessmen trying to take over a newly independent Polynesian nation. “Zack is a very high energy dude and is super-enjoying the experience of CHIEF ZABU finally coming to life; it is not at all bittersweet for him – more a proud culmination of his career – and he makes the 30 year gap (and seeing himself 30 years younger onscreen) a big part of what he shares in his Q&A analysis of the film (and his analysis of his evolution as a human being).

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