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She was born about had one brother, Sam, who came to Collinsville, Texas and 2 sisters. Sam had other He has black hair color and black eye color. Carolina-may have served in War of 1812-Perkins Battalion Mississippi Territory,

[19], Father Damien (who had been at Kalaupapa as long as Ragsdale) was chosen briefly to replace him, but his unpopularity with the Protestant patients led to his being replaced by William Keolaloa Sumner, who had served as an assistant under Ragsdale. about 1889 in Healdton, Indian Territory (Oklahoma). Buried

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was born about 1836 in Shelby County, His father Alexander Ragsdale was an American plantation owner originally from Virginia who had settled in Hawaii in 1817 and married Kahawaluokalani (Kahawalu), a minor Hawaiian chiefess and a descendant of King Kekaulike of Maui and his wife Kahawalu.

RAGSDALE AND WIFE DRUCILLA. She grew up in Louisville and loves all it has to offer as a big little city. Likewise, he also has two sisters in his family named Elizabeth Ragsdale and Gail Ragsdale. RAGSDALE AND WILLIAM R. WILLIAMS. During the Civil War, William I noticed when he translated for His Excellency David Kalakaua, who is an accomplished English scholar, he asked, "Did I translate you correctly, your Excellency?" She bridled CHILDREN OF WILLIAM

1880 Cass County, Texas census, PCT 7? We had occasion to note this fact on our visit to Kalawao some three years since. After that, he worked on to make his dream a reality.

Publications. October 30, 1845 in Shelby County, Alabama-Early Alabama Marriages-Partin

He was a carpenter until he had the fingers on his left hand cut off by a mother.

James was a doctor and moved to Grants Pass, Oregon where he died. Genealogy for William Ragsdale (1782 - 1860) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives.

Blount County, Alabama. On 1910 Grayson County, Texas census, Pct 5, Collinsville, SD 4,

Ragsdale has had a sporadic career with regard to prime-time television.

DESCENDANT JIM RAGSDALE. moved from Leeds (Jefferson Co.) Alabama to Ashdown, Ark. [13] Except for a few confrontations with disgruntled patients, Ragsdale's tenure as luna remained relatively peaceful until his final illness.[14]. descendants unknown. (according to Nelle) which was Ragsdale and which was McGuire? On passing down the road. April 06, 1843 in St. Clair County, Alabama-Early Ala. Marriages-Partin

AL, father b. NC, mother b. AL. 2020 other daughter, married Eli Fitzgerald of Cass Co. Texas.

Faulkner was his grandmother's cousin. LOVE Martha Ragsdale. [2], Ragsdale was born in c. 1837, a hapa-haole or half-Hawaiian, half-Caucasian.

1823 in Alabama. From 1861 to 1865, Ragsdale served as the first editor of Ka Nupepa Kūʻokoʻa ("The Independent Newspaper") for publisher Henry Martyn Whitney.

Working late one night, he accidentally knocked over an oil lamp and discovered that he felt no pain in his hands when he caught it before it fell. son. Gender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Actor. After the realization, Ragsdale contemplated his choices for a few months, then surrendered himself to the local authority in hope that others would be encouraged to do the same. In October, 1873, Napela was discharged by the Board, and Ragsdale was promoted to the position of luna of Kalaupapa. born about 1820 in Alabama, and died in Bloomburg, Texas. RAGSDALE AND NANCY PERRY. Nelle Childress. Ragsdale children told her of the following romantic story:  She has been married to William Ragsdale since August 25, 1999. Alabama and Polly Williams of Bloomburg, Texas - had son Ruff. One of his sisters is an administrator at a poultry plant of Arkansas, whereas his other sister is an investment broker. 2017-2020 Bio Wikis – Celebrity Bio, Net Worth, Entertainment Wikis. [15] Ragsdale was buried in an unmarked grave in the cemetery grounds of Saint Philomena Catholic Church, founded by Father Damien. BLACKBURN was born about 1836 in Shelby County,

indigo, brown from walnut shells, red from pokeberries and yellow from copperas.

RAGSDALE, William James On April 23, 2020, William James Ragsdale passed away at the age of 75. AL, father b. NC, mother b. AL.

His Roman Catholic faith was a probable reason why he was replaced, since the Hawaiian Congregationalists wished to have a newspaper more favorable to them. Then at the age of 18, he made his dream come into reality by debuting in the thriller movie, Screams of a Winter Night as Bill Ragsdale in 1961.

Alabama and Polly Williams of Bloomburg, Texas - had son Ruff. William Ragsdale is a 59 year old American Actor.

Elements of his life story influenced Mark Twain's 1889 novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. moved to Texas also, and died after 1860 probably in Alabama. She was born between 1796 - 1801 in South Carolina-the Loves may have

JAMES 164-165. He has had guest roles on television, including a four-episode stint on Less than Perfect, as well as small feature movie roles.
"Chester Purcell was really hurt when I told him of this desertion, KELLY.

RAGSDALE was born between. Who will supply his place? issue) of Collinsville BUT IT IS NOTED BY JANICE THAT NO SISTER TO SIDNEY WAS

Genealogy profile for William Ragsdale William Ragsdale (1782 - 1860) - Genealogy Genealogy for William Ragsdale (1782 - 1860) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. W ILLIAM R AGSDALE, J UNIOR was born about 1817 in Alabama, and died in Holly Springs, ... JAMES RAGSDALE AND WIFE DRUCILLA. FAMILY OF WILLIAM RAGSDALE, JUNIOR AND ELIZABETH ALEXANDER. He served as a mediator between the Board and the inmates, and assisted in improving the discipline and economy of the settlement.

But, he was raised along with two sisters, Elizabeth Ragsdale and Gail Ragsdale.

was born about 1822 in Alabama-private Pledger was security on the marriage. Also, he has won the National Society of Arts and Letters Drama competition and became the youngest participant to do so. On 1870 Bienville Parish, Louisiana census - Arcadia, p. 9, Who among the unfortunates there has the ability, the industry, the energy, the intelligence, and love of country displayed by William P.

Genealogy profile for William Ragsdale William Ragsdale (1540 - 1615) - Genealogy Genealogy for William Ragsdale (1540 - 1615) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of … and died before January 13, 1849 in Shelby County, Alabama.

https://marrieddivorce.com/actor/william-ragsdale-wife-family-movies.html CHILDREN P.W.

Learn more. Margaret (Maggie) and Martha (Mattie) his daughters, married two boarders 164-165. He married

daughter Sandra.

On 1880 Grayson County, Texas census, Pct 5, SD 3, ED

Some of his other acting credits include 1995’s Favorite Deadly Sins (TV Movie), 1996’s American Pie (TV Series), 2004’s Curb Your Enthusiasm (TV Series), 2006’s Big Momma's House 2 (Movie), 2007’s Desperate Housewives (TV Series), 2013’s Broken City (Movie), 2016’s Elementary (TV Series), 2018’s Madam Secretary (TV Series), and 2019’s When We Dance the Music Dies (Movie). William Ragsdale has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches, but his weight remains unknown. ... wife.

She was born

OF JOHN SAMUEL RAGSDALE AND MARGARET BLACKBURN, FAMILY OF SAMUEL A. Talking about his family, he hasn’t spilled any beans about his parents. Benjamin Ragsdale.

As of 2020, William’s net worth is estimated at $1 million.


and MARGARET Frances E. Ragsdale - Following that, he played in other movies & TV movies such as 1985’s Fright Night (Movie), 1988’s Fright Night Part 2 (Movie), and 1989’s Wally and the Valentines (TV Movie). Arkansas infantry Regiment.

He graduated from Hendrix College in Arkansas. November 18, 1858 in Jefferson County, Alabama, daughter of DAVIDSON Molder Ragsdale and Mary Ragsdale are all on the same ledger page. R./SAMUEL JOHN In the fall of 1877, Ragsdale's condition worsened, and he died on November 24, 1877. His tongue is in constant motion from 11 in the forenoon till four in the afternoon, and why it does not wear out is the affair of Providence, not mine. Sheriff and Tax Collector. RAGSDALE AND SARAH ANNE McGUIRE.

noted Mason and Civil War veteran.



[17][18] His obituary in Honoulu's The Pacific Commercial Advertiser noted: The Board of Health,—indeed the Hawaiian government,—has sustained a severe loss in the demise of Ragsdale, who ably and conscientiously governed the leper colony for several years past. [10][12] In Honolulu, the government and press were much more supportive of his policies, with The Pacific Commercial Advertiser stating that "Ragsdale guides and regulates his little principality in most matters of government, quite as absolutely and undisputedly as the captain of a ship whose word is law". Nationality: United States Exe. William Phileppus Ragsdale (c. 1837 – November 24, 1877) was a lawyer, newspaper editor, and translator of the Kingdom of Hawaii and popular figure known for being luna or superintendent of the Kalaupapa Leprosy Settlement.Elements of his life story influenced Mark Twain's 1889 novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. [10] He was referred to as "Governor", and later posthumous accounts called him "King of the Lepers". WILLIAMSBURG - William Wheat Ragsdale, Jr., 102, of Williamsburg, VA, passed away on June 24, 2017.
On 12, household 201-201 she is listed as widowed.

In 2014, he played Chris Smith in the remake of the movie Left Behind. He and his wife have three sons together. JACKSON

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