why do some countries drive on the left

British enforced left-hand convention in all her colonies. Other articles you might be interested in. Although most countries adopted their respective sides of the roads decades ago, some have switched traffic patterns more recently. Right-side travel was further reinforced in 1908 when Henry Ford introduced his popular Model T with the steering wheel on the left side, National Geographic explains, and other auto manufacturers followed the trend. Life can surprise you with unexpected challenges. In 1960 even British tried to switch to right-hand convention. Therefore right hand convention became unwritten rule in France. We focus on safety and maintenance issues with regard to your home, auto, apartment, motorcycle, boat, small business, finances and more. The wagons did not have a seat and again, majority of right handed men decided to follow right hand convention. If you are planning to visit the UK and happen to come from one of the many countries that drive on the wrong side of the road, the following advice, direct from the Ministry of Transport, is for you: Why some countries drive on the left and some on the right. Here’s What You Should Do, These Five Gift Options Will Win The Hearts Of Your Dear Ones, Jaisalmer Fort In India Is India’s Only Living Fort Where People Live Rent-Free, These Amazing Types Of Socks Which Will Give You A Fashion Trend, Zakir Naik’s ‘Aide’ Arrested For Recruiting Kerala Youth For ISIS, Are You a Dog Lover? by Mihai Andrei. Today, about 66.1% of the world’s people live in right-hand traffic countries and 33.9% in left-hand traffic countries. How These Worst-Hit Start-Ups Are Transforming To Fight COVID-19 Impact On Business, NCB Issues Summons To Deepika Padukone, Shraddha Kapoor, Rakul Preet Singh, And Sara Ali Khan In Drug Cartel Case, Kangana Ranaut Reacts To Sanjay Raut’s ‘Haramkhor’ Comment; Dia Mirza Came In Support Of Her, Forget PUBG, Akshay Kumar Has Announced Made In India Action Game FAU-G, Feeling Hopeless About Your Relationship? 2. If you are planning to visit the UK and happen to come from one of the many countries that drive on the wrong side of the road, the following advice, direct from the Ministry of Transport, is for you: “Visitors are informed that in the United Kingdom traffic drives on the left-hand side of the road. Ride the rearmost horse on the left, leaving right hand free to whip horses.
The Bizarre Reason Some Countries Drive On the Left. Seriously. Share. Going from right hand side of the road one could –. 2. In order to maximize this effectiveness on a carriage the driver would subsequently sit on the right-hand side, allowing them to make the best use of their sword arm in combat should they be attacked by roadside bandits. Elsewhere, there was such little traffic from horse-drawn wagons that the preferred side of the road typically varied by community. Arrival of Napoleon messed the whole thing up. That’s the reason India and previous African colonies still follow left-hand convention (Egypt being an exception due to Napoleon’s conquest). Europe was literally divided due to these conventions till first world war.

Over the years other countries also adopted right-side travel, often to help facilitate trips across their borders. Canada, for instance, switched from driving in the left lanes in favor of the right to allow easier travel to and from the U.S., the History Channel explains. Have you ever wonder why some countries drive on left and some on right? About 35% of the world follows left hand convention and most of them are former British colonies. Today only a few countries still drive on the left (most notably the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, India, parts of southern Africa and Indonesia) while the remainder of the world drives on the right (including mainland China and all of Europe where left-handed driving could still be seen a few decades ago). The reason for this lies heavily in history and the importance that left-handed driving offered original horse-drawn carriages.

However, the conservatives and involved cost proved to be too daunting to bring about the change. The reason why some countries drive on the left side of the road is likely due to the fact that most people are right-handed. Get more tips and tricks like this delivered straight to your inbox each month when you sign up for our newsletter. 1.

In the interests of safety, you are advised to practice this in your country of origin for a week or two before driving in the UK. It’s unlikely many other countries will make similar changes due to the costs of changing infrastructure, The Economist says. One could –.

Current Convention Followed Are As Depicted Below: Copyright © Entertales | All Rights Reserved. Apr 23, 2018 McLaren. Our pages are filled with helpful tips and information about the topics that most of us face in our everyday lives. Soon after, New York legally required drivers to use the right side of all public highways. Let us explain! Some of the earliest modes of transportation, such as ancient Roman chariots, were pulled by horses whose drivers likely drove on the left side and defended themselves from oncoming enemies with weapons held in their dominant right hands, the History Channel says. By sitting to the left, drivers could better see oncoming travelers and defend themselves when necessary. It offered various advantages if one was right handed. 1.

Tire Wear Patterns: What Can Cause Uneven Tire ... Over 100 Years of Motorcycle Advancements, Why Some Countries Drive on the Left | Allstate, https://www.allstate.com/blog/take-sides-the-history-behind-driving-on-the-left-or-right/, The U.S. is among about 75 percent of the countries in the world that drive on the right side of the road, National Geographic says. February 7, 2019. in Feature Post, Science ABC. Why do some countries drive on the left Throughout the world the majority of countries drive on the right side of the road, though for a few countries (primarily the UK and its previous territories) the left side of the road is still where people can be found driving about. The U.S. is among about 75 percent of the countries in the world that drive on the right side of the road, National Geographic says. How to Remove Automotive Stains From Your Drive... What to Know When Considering a Backyard Fire Pit. Throughout the world the majority of countries drive on the right side of the road, though for a few countries (primarily the UK and its previous territories) the left side of the road is still where people can be found driving about. Drivers, unfortunately, still faced the same problems as seen when sitting on the right, therefore carriages and other traffic were forced to move to the right side of the road in order to better allow drivers to both better see oncoming traffic and obstacles as well as protect them from roadside dangers. Given that most the majority of individuals throughout the world are right-handed (and hundreds of years ago left-hand dominance was even shunned in many areas) the majority of all individuals carried their sword on their left hip, allowing for them to more easily draw it and use it in combat as needed with their right hand. US had already amended laws to enforce right-hand convention, to escape the British roots of origin. In medieval days, most people used the left side of the road. Here’s a look at why different countries drive on different sides of the road. It has to do with swords and colonialism. Avoid the inconvenience of bumping into someone else’s scabbard. In pre-revolution France the aristocracy traveled on the left, forcing peasant to use the right side. Ahead of the Storm: Hurricane Preparedness Guide. Samoa, which previously favored the right side of the road, moved to the left in 2009 to help drivers more easily travel in Australia and New Zealand, which drive on the left. Eventually, the British government decided traffic should keep to the left, and the law carried down to many of its colonies. In olden feudal and violent times all the societies preferred left hand convention. Right-hand convention was gradually becoming more prevalent and further bolstered by mass production of American automobiles. Why Do Some Countries Drive On The Left? No matter how many times you go to a country like England or Japan, it’s still a little shock to get off a plane and see people driving on the left side of the road. Unfortunately this meant that driving on the right side of the road proved somewhat difficult on a number of levels, namely it exposed them as the driver the greatest amount of danger (having no open road near them to see oncoming danger) and also prevented them from seeing how close their carriage was coming to an oncoming carriage. The practicality of the right sided approach gained popularity in many areas, and through a combination of both rebellions and many people seeking to eliminate all ties to earlier British colonial rule driving on the right dominated in popularity in most areas throughout the world. The answer is very interesting. In an effort to help you manage the unpredictability of life, The Allstate Blog provides you with entertaining, educational information in the areas of preparation, prevention and protection to give you the peace of mind that comes with confidence.
April 5, 2014. Historians believe that the reason why the “keep-right” rule never caught up in the England was because wagons wasn’t very popular in the country since the roads were much narrower than in the other countries and that’s the reason why in England and its colonies, people drive on the left. George Kennedy. Mount/dismount on horse easily. The reason why most countries use the right lanes dates back to before the invention of cars — and the same is true for the approximately 50…, https://i0.wp.com/www.allstate.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/cars-on-chicago-highway_iStock.jpg?fit=2156%2C1391&strip=all&ssl=1. Countries that continue to drive on the left side of the road a re mainly those places that used to be British colonies.

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