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The Women's March on Washington and its over 600 "sister marches" were likely the single largest day of protest in American history to date, and were followed by a wave of political organizing that re-invigorated progressive politics after the 2016 election of President Donald Trump. Backªre leads to power shifts by increasing the internal solidarity of, the resistance campaign, creating dissent and conºicts among the opponent’s, supporters, increasing external support for the resistance campaign, and de-, creasing external support for the opponent. Estimates from Poisson regression models show that repression had a short-term negative effect and a long-term positive effect on overall levels of protest via repression's influence on spatial diffusion.

0 Why Civil Resistance Works. killed or arrested. threatens physical violence against the opponent. of the U.S. drone program in Pakistan.

paigns within East Timor ªelded a maximum of 1,500 ªghters, the nonviolent, campaign produced cross-cutting alliances with tens of thousands of par, ticipants. 0000032420 00000 n Mainstream. The domestic and international, political costs of repressing nonviolent campaigns are higher than for repr, Our case studies also suggest that violent and nonviolent campaigns that, fail to achieve widespread, cross-cutting, and decentralized mobilization are.
ently divided opposition, Marcos went ahead with the elections. Maria J. Stephan and. I infer that this pattern of effects stems from a combination of deterrent and micromobilization mechanisms.

Although the huge voter, turnout encouraged members of the opposition (except for the CPP) to partici-, pate in future elections, some frustrated opposition members also began to in-. paigns, given that they are seen as illegitimate challengers to the established, among the campaigns because of the disproportionate resources obtained by, Hypothesis 4: External state support for the target regime will disadvantage, Our research goals are threefold: ªrst, to determine whether nonviolent or vio-. 42–78; Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Economic Sanctions Reconsidered: History and Current Policy, Vol. power while amassing great wealth through centralization, state monopolies, patronage, aid from the United States, and loans from international ªnancial, institutions. The political costs of repressing one or two dozen activists, eas, ily labeled “extremists,” are much lower than repressing hundr. Mobilization may.
Without the guarantee of physical safety, sympathize with violent movements such as the NP, it is not surprising that Marcos was successful at commanding the security, forces to crack down on such movements, resulting in human rights violations.

Doing so enables the study of the short-term effects of resistance, which can help alleviate endogeneity concerns. There were few signs, of regime defections, despite the brief defection of several hundred air force, military leaders on instituting democratic reforms. more effective against democratic targets than authoritarian targets. But additional research has been limited by a lack of time-series data on nonviolent and violent campaigns, as well as a lack of more nuanced and detailed data on the attributes of the campaigns. See, for instance, Margaret Keck and Kathryn Sikkink, ders: Advocacy Networks in International Politics, campaign, as made explicit in ofªcial statements or multiple accounts. First, it provides a rigor-, ous method of case selection for theory testing that avoids critiques of selec-, tion bias, because both expected (campaign success) and deviant (campaign, failure) observations are compared. Protests that are large, enduring (Teorell 2010;Brancati 2016;Kadivar 2018), and nonviolent (Bayer et al.

Our results overt military aid from an outside state to ªght against the campaign. In fact, where the United States imposed sanctions, the Burmese regime simply substi, tuted imports from other foreign donors, including China and India, which. This analytical distinction is imper, fect, but others have used it with success. While the defection variable is always positively correlated with, the probability of campaign success, more analysis is necessary to determine, whether nonviolent resistance methods are more likely than violent methods, to produce widespread civilian defection, as distinct from security force, defections. the Indonesian military and escalated the conºict. signiªcant campaigns missing from the data set if we simply did not know about them. state-sponsored violent groups have succeeded in obtaining their strategic, servants are defecting, for example, when they stop obeying orders and defect from their positions, 25. political scientists, the prevailing view is that opposition movements select vi-, olent methods because such means are more effective than nonviolent strate-, organized civilian populations successfully employed nonviolent methods in-.

Thanks to David Bourchier for assistance in identifying Indonesian military officers. ready weakening due to widespread corruption, economic mismanagement. For example, Aung San Suu Kyi re, ceived the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991. members of all different ethnic groups and segments of society demonstrated, calling for an end to the military regime and the installation of an interim gov. Theories predicting the success of economic sanctions are tested on the universe of sanction episodes from 1914 to 1989. We test the theory by leveraging the Transnational Social Movement Organizations Dataset from 1953-2013 and data from the Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem). See, for example Bayer et al. But overreliance on single personalities, the inability to rec, oncile across competing factions, and a lack of consistent information about, human rights abuses left the nonviolent opposition campaign in disarray, lent campaigns have been unsuccessful in Burma because of their inability to, mobilize the masses at all, ªelding small guerrilla units with a passive support, Following the August 8, 1988, massacres, political space opened: the govern, military from cities. be less affected by international sanctions, because armed combatants can forc, ibly extract resources from their controlled territories. The data on violent cam, paigns are derived primarily from Kristian Gleditsch’s 2004 updates to the, Sepp’s list of major counterinsurgency operations for information on conºicts, The unit of analysis is the country year in which a campaign peaked. Three critical relationships shape these variables: the relationships between the ruler and the military, between the ruler and domestic elites, and between domestic actors and foreign powers. CNRM was made up of. Material in brackets and footnotes has been added by the editors.

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