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Vexy and Hackus, the two new Smurfs, bid farewell to the Winslows and return home with the rest of the Smurfs. I'd surprised him and myself for remaining alive for so long. The Smurfs, Smurfette, Vexy and Hackus manage to return home to find their friends in time for Smurfette's Birthday after Gargamel is attacked by Azrael.

Once that happens, she will feel like she's bonding with us!". We use all her goodness against her. Go!

Welcome to the party, Papa Smurf! " Oh no, you don't! " Smurfette ran, from the sickening thud accompanied by a yelp from Vexy as she hit the wall, followed by the strangled gasp she let out as Gargamel caught her in his grasp. Free Hackus and run! " Patrick and Victor arrive just in time to destroy the Smurf-a-lator, causing the naughty-to-smurf formula to be destroyed in blue pixie dust that in turn vanquishes the secret formula. Not again. Vexy was a naughty, like her brother Hackus, and her sister Smurfette before them. Store says that she cares for them. Gargamel grinned evilly at them. "

I screamed. The Smurfs franchise began as a comic and expanded into advertising, films, TV series, ice capades, video games, theme parks, and dolls. It is not considered canonical to either the original comics or the Hanna-Barbera series, but is included here for completeness. Film Vexy pose Vexy looking sweet and innocent Vexy and Smurfette Smurf Vexy Add a photo to this gallery Misc. For the first time, I screamed. Every day it's the same process, getting hauled out of the cage I resided in and tossed into a machine that huge man called a Smurfulator. TheOfficialBrittneyMillerVexyStrikesBackErika PunketteSpongeBobLover2000MikuFan2007JadeTheSailorVenusGalHarvey Beaks and Kiki's Delivery Service Rules Est 2002 (current), IVONA IvyHerself (occasionally, on most announcement videos only), Friends: Caroline0204, Slippy V, Projector Films Inc, Matt Crowley, Ryan Helmke, Kody Crook, Sebby S. Truesdail, Darkness Rainbow Dash, Jaxen Ross, louielouie95, GreatMario54321, CalebComedian, MountainFilms Pro, Nemo333m, Taylor JoliCoeur, Courtney Springer, TrigonometryComedian, Trigonometry Lord, JKTheAwesome2000, MrSportVevo, RedAndChuckLover2014, Ruthie Rainbow, Dylan Johnson, Kristin Konkle, Joseph Selaty, Sarah West, and other good users, Enemies: GrandChase RealCook, henryrules135135, MLFRessurection, Sam RovioFan, Nintendocraft6, EpicMangaReader650, VideoGameNerd1000, Luke Gartrell, Kirby Loopsy and other bad users, Likes: The Smurfs, The Smurfs 2, SpongeBob SquarePants, Vocaloid, anime, GoAnimate, Grounded Videos, YouTube, Making grounded videos, and other good stuff. Gargamel stumbled backwards as Azreal jumped into the fray too, trying to catch the Smurf scrambling around his face. I just hope she's alive... " Then there were seven, eh? " All right, Smurfs. I couldn't keep it in anymore, the pain was unbearable. " Come on! " We're going to get to Gargamel's base using the same route last time. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Humor/Family - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,357 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 11/10/2013 - Published: 11/4/2013 - id: 9820690 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten Next > A/N. ". Smurfette rushed towards Vexy, intending to give her a hand only to be restrained by Clumsy. " When Gargamel refused to feed her and Hackus, Smurfette saved their lives by giving to Gargamel  Papa Smurf formula which turning the naughties blue. The Smurfs 2 is a 2013 3D live-action/computer-animated film and a sequel to the 2011 film The Smurfs.

Or he'd leave me to the edge of dying before bringing me back. It's catchy and features a "la-la-la" refrain, but "The Smurf Song," originally composed by the Dutch musician Father Abraham in 1977, isn't the cartoon theme familiar to modern audiences.Featuring a ripping solo from "Flute Smurf," and a chorus of not un-Chipmunk-like voices explaining Smurf culture to the inquisitive Father Abraham, "The Smurf Song" was rerecorded in several languages.

" Gargamel stumbled backwards as Azreal jumped into the fray too, trying to catch the Smurf scrambling around his face. They had been in the human world for three months, only sending one of them back to the Smurf village to get supplies every two weeks. Eventually, they were rescued by Johan, Peewit, Princess Savina and the Smurfs before any major damage could be done to them, and they teamed up with the Smurfs against their former master. The Smurfs are preparing a surprise party, but as Smurfette tries to find out what her fellow Smurfs are planning, none of them are saying a word. Once that happens, she will feel like she's bonding with us!" Vexy is the love interest of  Grouchy Smurf in The Smurf's 2 only when she turns blue. She was created by Gargamel who had enough smurf essence from Papa Smurf in the first movie. Tired of the tortuous process I go through every day. Oh no. Vexy. Report Character Pages without GA Version, https://goanimate-v2.fandom.com/wiki/Vexy_Smurf?oldid=117972.

At the same time, Smurfette escapes from the prison and Vexy and her partner Hackus chase after her. She has grey colored skin, black hair with blue highlights through it, a grey Smurf hat, wears a red sleeveless top, a dark blue skirt with grey leggings, black shoes along with a belt with jewels on it. I promise, we'll come back for you! However, as the portal he created is not big enough for him to go through, Gargamel takes Vexy and sends her through to the portal to grab Smurfette and bring her to Paris.

In the same alternate timeline that Hero and Wonder explored of Wonder's curiosity of marrying a different Smurf, but from the timeline Hero's point of view, she is the Smurfette that Hero later marries and eventually has a daughter through him. Evil magician Gargamel continues his quest to tap the power of the Smurfs, creating a pair of his own "Smurf-alikes" called the Naughties.

In France, Gargamel is now a celebrity, amazing people with his sorcery, but he sees that he is running low on the Smurf essence that gives him his magic powers. Very Smurfy Non-canon warning: This article or section contains non-canonical information that is not considered to be an official part of either the Smurfs Franco-Belgian comic book series or the Smurfs cartoon show series and should not be considered part of the overall storyline of either. The Smurfs soon discover where Gargamel is, and so they and the Winslows set off for Paris in order to find him. She was potrayed by Christina Ricci. Tired of the bruises I received from the rough treatment. " Smurfs Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He created the naughtys and made Vexy kidnapp Smurfette,and fights so that Smurfette would give Gargamel the secret formula. Smurfette had the general idea of that Papa was waiting for the day the Smurf essence was less effective in the human world. " But Vexy... " " I said GO! In two post-credit sequences, Gargamel and Azrael are pulled into the portal, sending them back to their castle, and they later have a fight. With his new creations, evil Smurf-like creatures called Naughties Vexy and Hackus, Gargamel plans on opening a portal to the Smurf village by using the Eiffel Tower as a conduit so that he can kidnap Smurfette and, through her, get Papa Smurf's secret formula for creating Smurfs.

After returning to the suite, Alvin and Hackus are seen dying since they didn't get Smurf esscense. Smurfette still refuses to give Gargamel the formula to turn a naughty into a smurf until she sees that the Naughties are dying due to a lack of Smurf essence.

"Nancy Plays Herself in 'Smurfs 2' Set Visit", http://www.etonline.com/movies/126076_Nancy_O_Dell_Plays_Herself_in_Smurfs_2_Set_Visit/index.html, "FIRST LOOK: Gray gloom for the villainous little Naughties from 'Smurfs 2' -- EXCLUSIVE", http://family-room.ew.com/2012/09/19/first-look-naughties-smurfs-2-exclusive/, http://www.extratv.com/2013/04/22/pic-introducing-mario-as-social-smurf/, Montreal, Je t'aime: The Smurfs 2 Set Visit, https://hanna-barbera.fandom.com/wiki/The_Smurfs_2?oldid=53589, Brendan Gleeson as Victor Doyle, Patrick's stepfather, Jayma Mays as Grace Winslow, Patrick's wife, Jacob Tremblay as Blue Winslow, Patrick and Grace's son, Nancy O'Dell as herself, a television interviewer, Christina Ricci as Vexy, a smart and mischievous Smurf-like creature called a "Naughty" created by Gargamel, J. Papa originally intended for Brainy, Hefty, and Gutsy to use the crystals, but instead through an accident Clumsy, Grouchy and Vanity use them. "Here's my plan: We trick Wonder into acting like us. I shivered at the memory of the last beating by him using that wand. He had left the machine on like always, but he turned the power to the maximum. We'll get her back tonight. " The Smurfs witness the abduction of Smurfette and inform Papa Smurf, who then uses his magic to create crystals that would allow several of his Smurfs to travel directly to Patrick Winslow's residence in New York City in order to get his help to rescue Smurfette. The word “smurf” is the original Dutch translation of the French "schtroumpf", which, according to Peyo, is a word he invented during a meal with fellow cartoonist André Franquin when he could not remember the word salt.. When she is transformed into a Smurf, she becomes much more loving and caring to her new friends and family. - Vexy to Hackus Vexy is a character who is part of the HERO: The Guardian Smurf story series.

Somehow, I didn't need to eat, relying only on that drop of blue liquid. Vexy, hang in there! Her desired voice actress would be Christina Ricci, who voiced the character in the 2013 movie The Smurfs 2. Master Winslow found another way for them to get in, so we sneak in, get Vexy and in dire situations, fend off Gargamel.

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