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The Polar H10 heart rate sensor and the Polar Pro chest strap are the optimal choice for interval training, racket sports or any sports with plenty of arm movement. Yes, give us a redesigned M430.

Laten we beginnen met het simpele. FuelWise offers you a personalized fueling wireframe that you can adjust according to your individual needs so that it works for your body in the optimal way. I do have a small wrist which would make the 745 an ideal watch for me. Your training data is conveniently available on one platform anytime, anywhere. Tijdens de presentatie werd – na een korte introductie – het nieuwste horloge van Polar aangekondigd. One new addition is a Leg Recovery Test, which lets you know if you're ready for another leg day without the need for any extra sensors or other handware. Relax your body and calm down your mind with the help of a guided breathing exercise. But Vantage (too) can’t know your step frequency from your wrist, when you rise your forearm in front of you and keep it therein (and your stepping is non-swinging-body type) – the reading decreases from 80+ to 60… very soon. The results of your tests will be normalized so you can easily compare them. Furthermore I would guess that heart rate measuring are the key to analyse/set the thresholds. The Polar Flow app offers you a detailed breakdown of the quality of your sleep. Sleep Plus Stages gathers your sleep time and sleep quality components into one easily glanceable value, Sleep Score. So, the FR245 came out April 2019, thus, I wouldn’t imagine anything prior to around then. . It is not perfect but pretty good. I have no Facebook account and for sure won’t create one just for Polar. The Polar V800 was updated literally forever. The navigation function of the V800 was smart enough to ask you if it should reverse the track when you turned around.

So, for the purposes of discussion – let’s just set that aside. Size 1.2”, resolution 240 x 240. Thank you! Last but not least is the new music control feature. Battery life up to 40h in training mode (GPS and wrist-based heart rate) or up to 7 days in watch mode with continuous heart rate tracking. In this case you can see it towards the end of my week: Or here, at the beginning of the next week: You can tap this to then get more details on the zones, distances, calories, and activities, allowing you to see each activity that contributed to that weekly total. my weekly podcast - with GPLAMA, which is packed with both gadget and non-gadget goodness! I’ve started out with the m400, had the v800 but was always playing around with only the bluetooth option. I am not a Vantage user (but we have a Grit X in the family). In general you see Garmin on a min two year cycle for Forerunners. How does it adjust HR zones after taking the test? It’s embarassing, that there ist still no 02-measurement, no music on the watch itself and no real maps like on garmin F6. You’ll see this on your home watch face dashboards: And when you open it up it’ll give you different options to suffer through. Many thanks for the answer! These are: – Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Straps It wasn’t . VV only records temperature for other stuff, but not for swimming. The key to finding the balance between training and rest is learning to listen to your body and to combine your subjective feeling with the data you get from your Polar Vantage V2. – Increased waterproof spec from 50m to 100m, to match the Grit X Apple would kill them. The first lasted 2 yrs before the charging port broke, my current one (3+yrs) is starting to loose battery life. For me it’s a no-buy if it would have a oled screen and shitty battery life. They did initially say that Fitspark would not come to the Vantage, but eventually bowed to consumer pressure. Polar has had some good watches in this range in the past – M400/430 as one example, and I’d hate to see them abandon it, but I imagine it’s hard to price a watch at $250 and compete with both the Apple Watch Series 3 (200) and the Garmin 245 series. This made me switch to Garmin and I like the watch but despise the website Oh and the work out recommendations were not bad at all by Polar. That fixed it all up I had no idea you could filter them! The slightly less expensive Polar Grit X doesn’t (in my opinion) really replace the much cheaper Vantage M. But more on that later. I’ll happily keep using my M430 until they release a watch that has this feature (since there’s no telling if this watch will actually get it…). Het is een premium sporthorloge voor mulitsport en triatlontraining. Polar Vantage V2 helps you stay on the right path and explore new areas safely with real-time route guidance.

All told, the only thing tying me to Polar at all, is Flow, and it can certainly be replaced now, might not be as elegant, but since I can’t pair my v800, or any Polar watch, reliably to my new Kickr Core without data going into the bin or doubling power, etc, I’m using non-Flow sync devices (Stages Dash bike computer, Zwift directly, etc) for capture, so the less “Flowing” into the Polar ecosystem reliably, the less reason to stay there…. The real problem with Fitbit that is not covered in the media enough is the quality issues they seem to have. Polar Vantage V2 allows you to really get under the skin of who you are. They say “power rolling average” (see the pics) It does often decide to go and set alarms and airplane mode when I’m in the shower, but I haven’t had issues beyond that (despite the never-ending rain here in the Netherlands). It doesn’t have Flow behind it, but I can use Training Peaks (free version) and get everything I need that I get with Flow. In this case, I was using the Vantage V2 with the Polar OH1 Plus for the heart rate portion, so we won’t be evaluating that aspect as part of this set. Finally, just for the sake of clarity, there’s no NFC payments on the Polar Vantage V2 currently. In the early V days, I had an issue when several workouts captured on V didn’t get TRIMP scores but got Polar legacy strain instead. Depending on which GPS system you use and where on earth you do your test runs the accuracy must vary considerably. Thanks for your input … will hold off on V2 until further notice or anyone want a gritx . Bluetooth Low Energy. Run up and down the stairs of a skyscrapers :D? You’ll see a single red line across the infield – that’s my fault. Multiple power save options available. For many years ago I had Forerunner 235 (was it the first wrist HR in prize level sensible for normal fitness). If so I am thoroughly disapointed! The test DOES give you aerobic/anaerobic thresholds? Read the manual and support articles and you will understand how it works. Compare free and pro features Suunto is just junk, both software (what little there is) and hardware. It’ll also count each ascent/descent. I never went for the Vantage V – I went for Vantage M as it was a better value for money on features – I still have my old V800. So here is the most up to date list of products I like and fit the bill for me and my training needs best! I’m doubting ANT+ support, which is too bad, because the FTP testing was a great example of where it really needed it (due primarily to the limitations of most trainers on the market to not support multi-channel BLE connections). From runner’s perspective I think Polar (and Garmin) have the better equipment, data, user base, tracking and interpretation on it. Maps would be nice, but like said it would cost much much more. Note all this data is analyzed using the DCR Analyzer, details here. The problem though for a company like Polar, is that the aforementioned services won’t really entertain you as a device to invest bringing music onto, since the user numbers are simply too small. ), “The fact you can piece together a good running watch with apps on the apple watch or a biking watch with apps”. Not only beginning, but after 30 minutes; no help keeping the meter in warm under sleeve of jacket. Is there any possebility that they will add ant+ ?

FitSpark also takes into account your Leg Recovery Test result. Great review as usual. So overall on that one, it’s not terribly good, in particular at the height of the VO2Max test, which might impact my results for that test actually.

The first time I paired it to a Tacx NEO 2 trainer, and as I started the main portion of the test dropouts occurred via Bluetooth Smart, and eventually it ended the test due to lack of data. Learn more, Learn to refuel and maintain adequate energy levels during your long sessions. Samsung Galaxy S20 versus S20+ versus S20 Ultra, Personaliseer hartslag, snelheid en kracht (oftewel: het werk dat je spieren doen tijdens het trainen) met de nieuwe, Krijg gratis toegang tot het uitgebreide en gemakkelijk te gebruiken. I like tracking and getting as much data as possible other than GPS.

But everyone actually stayed roughly in the track, which is good. I was thinking buying OH1 Plus + Vantage v2 because i cant always wear a watch in some workouts (ketbells and rings). A power meter required. Actually it is the Vantage V, due to false promises.

That works out fine.

There could be good reasons for the tests to improve accuracy – it would be interesting to understand more the reason they chose this route. I am really looking forward to know your thoughts on the watch. The other new things are pretty cool but not so important. Imagine you would like to do a planed training a day earlier or swop days. * Learn more. Remember, it’s less about the pace (or that point in time pace), but about your heart rate for that pace, and the build into that pace. Its display measures 1.2in in diameter, and has the same 240 x 240 pixel resolution as the Polar Vantage V. An ambient light sensor adjusts the backlight intensity automatically for improved visibility. ok, thanks for that. You can also use it to maintain a steady effort level during your run, for example in a race. Photo Editor.

But alas, none of that. Polar Vantage M: n/a My wife has Grit. Looking for the equipment I use day to day? Lack of cosmopolitan functions! De Vantage V2, de opvolger van de Vantage V, voorziet je 24/7 van persoonlijke metingen en een polshartslagmeting, zodat je jouw lichaam nog beter kan begrijpen.

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