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Avalon goes to the top rope and Cutler crotches him, Cutler gets Avalon off the ropes before landing an elevated reverse DDT for a near fall. Uno cracks Boy with a package neck breaker for another near fall, Uno corners Blade while attacking him with strikes. Cabana backs Garrison into the corner while landing some strikes, Cabana goes for the Billy Goat’s Curse and Garrison gets to the ropes. Click here to learn more. Contact us: Andy Williams plays rhythm guitar for Every Time I Die. Avalon uses a basement drop kick to knock Cutler to the arena floor, Cutler gets back in the ring and Avalon nails him with a series of back suplexes. The match begins with Wardlow shoving Dean across the ring a few times, Dean fights back and he hits Wardlow with a few strikes. He’s going as “The Blade” in AEW. Sydal keeps Kiss down while pulling on his arms and legs, Sydal transitions to a bow and arrow stretch on Kiss. Mr. Mayor Season 1 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out? AEW Dark 10/13/20 Results: Dark Order, Nyla Rose, Eddie Kingston, Darby Allin & More In Action!

The post Card For Next Weeks AEW Dynamite: 4-Way Tag Team Match first appeared on Pro Wrestling News Hub. The show is live from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville Florida. My expertise in pro wrestling includes covering countless WWE and independent wrestling events live, including six WrestleManias. I hope AEW realizes what it has in Wardlow.

The Blade News. We'll be bringing you full, fight by fight coverage of every bout on the card. Let us know your thoughts on the show by leaving a message in the comments or join our live AEW Dyanmite chat on DISCORD. Black gets free and Velvet nails her with a few arm drags followed by a drop kick, Black misses a charge in the corner and Velvet nails her with an elbow drop for a near fall. Not because of long-term storytelling, because they're chemistry is that good! Dark Order (John Silver, Alex Reynolds & Preston Vance) vs. Aaron Solow, M’Badu & Angel Fashion. However, on Sunday, AEW indicated the entire first round This seemed to be designed to break up the monotony of the rare match where both wrestlers have the same theme music. Allin catches a cornered Comoroto in a rope assisted arm bar, Comoroto tries fighting back and Allin nails him with a chop block. Ryzin sends Billy into the ringside edge before getting him back in the ring, Billy recovers and he nails a charging Stardom with a slam. God, I hope Jericho and MJF drag this thing out for a year before splitting. They also received an amazing reception in their home promotion after making their AEW debut. You may opt-out by. Cabana gets Garrison in the Billy Goat’s Curse and a tap out follows. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. I’m so ready for this man to be the next AEW world champion. Allin gets Comoroto in a Fujiwara arm bar and Comoroto gets to the ropes, Allin looks for a sleeper hold and Comoroto drives him into the corner. Jordan Myles quits WWE and then quits Twitter, AEW signs former NJPW champion Lance Archer. Welcome to's live coverage & discussion for AEW Dark. AEW personnel consists of professional wrestlers, managers, referees, commentators, ring announcers, coaches, and various other positions. Avalon keeps Cutler down while holding him in a single leg crab, Cutler eventually gets to the ropes to break the submission attempt. Reynolds tags in and he stomps on a downed Fashion before tagging Silver in, Fashion gets free and he tags M’Badu into the match. Cabana nails Garrison with an elbow strike for a near fall, Garrison fights back and he drops Cabana with a discus elbow strike. Kiss gets free and Sydal landing a twisting moonsault for a near fall, Sydal follows up with a modified fisherman buster suplex for a near fall.

The winners will This was referring to his real-life wife Allie who has been managing QT Marshall of late. Stephen Amell making new pro wrestling show. Disover the entire All Elite Wrestling (AEW) roster and win-loss records for all Men, Women, and Tag Team divisions.

Eddie Kingston took a break form cutting the best promos in wrestling right now to come out in between these entrances and sit in on commentary. Kingston gets Black in a standing guillotine choke and a tap out follows. #1 CONTENDER 4-WAY TAG TEAM MATCHPrivate Party vs The Butcher & The Blade vs Dark Order vs Young Bucks WORLD TITLE ELIMINATOR TOURNAMENTMatches begin next week SEGMENTMJF & Chris Jericho Steak Dinner Join our live Kingston controls the arm of Black while landing some knee strikes, Kingston follows up by attacking Black with chops and stomps. Now he is an AEW star. I don’t know why Tully Blanchard felt compelled to don a mask as the reveal of FTR’s manager as a masked assailant was very anti-climactic. Winners: Lucha Bros (Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix). The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson). After the match, Dark Order attacks Jungle Boy until everybody’s respective tag partners come out to have a massive brawl. I've been a pro wrestling columnist and video blogger for a leading national sports website since 2010, and formerly of Bleacher Report, where I was a WWE columnist an. AEW Pulls Joey Janela From Action Due To COVID-19 Exposure, How Many People In WWE Have Tested Positive For COVID-19, Aalyah Mysterio’s Current WWE Contract Situation Revealed, Interesting Note On Awkward Ending Of WWE RAW This Week, ‘Strike Team’ Being Sent To Investigate WWE Venues As Possible COVID-19 Hotspots, The Undertaker On Extremes He Went Through To Live His Gimmick, Jon Moxley On Orange Cassidy Receiving ‘Road Warriors Pop’ In AEW, Watch Entire Chris Jericho & MJF ‘Le Dinner Debonair’ Musical Number From AEW Dynamite, Young Bucks vs FTR & More Confirmed For AEW Full Gear — UPDATED CARD, Pat McAfee Returns To WWE NXT & Helps Crown NEW NXT Tag Team Champions. Austin and Stardom are tagged in and Austin hits Stardom with the Quick Draw for a three count. The match begins with a brawl between all four competitors in the match, Boy sends Uno out of the ring with a head scissors takedown. Black fights back and Kingston rakes his eyes, Kingston traps Black in the corner while landing more strikes. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Sutter was previously with Impact Wrestling, but he left last year. Wardlow sends Dean into the corner before landing shoulder thrusts, Wardlow nails Dean with a dropping knee strike and Dean goes out cold for a KO. Kazarian and Boy return as a four way brawl breaks out in the ring, Kazarian drops Blade and Uno with a double clothesline. Sydal and Kiss exchange a few head kicks, Kiss hangs Sydal up in the corner before landing a rolling drop kick for a near fall.

The Butcher is actually former NXT Superstar Braxton Sutter and Andy Williams is The Blade. The Butcher and The Blade made an interesting debut in AEW coming out from under the ring to attack Cody.

One of the things people always wonder about is how long wrestlers have to stay under the ring before they come out during shows. The Butcher and The Blade were noticeably absent from AEW: Dynamite last night. Click here for that fantastic footage. Blade gets in the ring and Kazarian nails him with a fisherman suplex for a near fall, Uno drops Blade and Boy rolls him up for a near fall. Kazarian then then hits Boy with a Japanese ocean cyclone suplex for a near fall, Uno returns and he attacks a cornered Boy with strikes. All images are used with permission or licensed. While it wasn’t announced on Dynamite this past week, all four first-round matches in the AEW World title no. Bononi nails Zero M and Fenix with a power slam/power bomb combo for a near fall, Fenix fights back and he nails Bononi with some kicks. Janela gets D3 back in the ring before landing a lariat, Janela follows up by nailing D3 with a series of brain busters for a three count. The finish was so poetic as The Young Bucks beat Private Party in an identical manner to how Private Party beat The Young Bucks.

Former WWE Stars To Release “WWE Meets South Park” Style Animated Series, Interesting News On Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future, Special Edition Of WWE Backstage Announced, Number 1 Contender For The AEW Tag Team Championship Revealed, AEW Championship Match Official For Full Gear, Former WWE And IMPACT Star Wins Title In NWA, AEW Star Pulled From Dynamite Due To COVID-19, WWE Star Comments On Why Storyline Was Dropped, IMPACT Grants Release To Wrestler With Some Interesting Connections, WWE Star Shoots On R-Truth Always Holding The 24/7 Championship, Ric Flair Believes Legendary WWE Star Will Wrestle Again, Backstage Details, Including Vince’s Reaction, On WWE Raw Ending Revealed, Former WWE Star Accidentally Unmasks On Instagram Live Stream, Impact Star Suffers Second Degree Burns At Home, AEW Name Suggests Reason Vince McMahon Hasn’t Fired WWE Star, Renee Young Reveals An Interesting Hobby Of Jon Moxley’s, Former WCW Star Johnny Meadows Passes Away Following COVID Battle. 201 E Patrick St Unit 4285 The Butcher and The Blade debuted on AEW Dynamite this week and they are not messing around.

Wardlow quickly recovers and he nails a charging Dean with a spine buster, Wardlow follows up with a right followed by a clothesline on Dean. Jesse Guilmette (born June 3, 1980) is an American professional wrestler, currently signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) under the ring name The Blade. I graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a major in business economics, an emphasis in accounting and a minor in sports management. The post AEW Dynamite Results: October 21, Winners, Grades, Highlights first appeared on Pro Wrestling News Hub. Monsterland Season 2 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out?

Velvet then hits Black with knee strikes and Just Deserts for a three count. Comoroto recovers and he drops Allin with another hard Irish whip before holding him in a modified chin lock, Allin gets free and Comoroto nails him with a back breaker for a near fall. However, at least one of these men should be familiar for fans of … Kazarian returns to hit Blade with a slingshot DDT, Kazarian and Boy also take each other out with a double cross body block. Kazarian returns to hit Blade with a slingshot DDT, Kazarian and Boy also take each other out with a double cross body block. Some have speculated this could be related to some positive Coronavirus testing. The Butcher and The Blade were noticeably absent from AEW: Dynamite last night.

Cutler leaves the ring and he gets his dice from under the ring and Bates talks him out of using it, Avalon rakes the eyes of Cutler before landing a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Kiss fights back and Sydal drops him with a side slam, Sydal follows Kiss around while landing some strikes. PHONE: 888-430-7692 Fashion fights back to nail Reynolds with a drop kick and knee strike, Vance makes a blind tag and he double teams Fashion with Reynolds. Uno knocks Kazarian and Blade to the arena floor before getting Boy off the ropes, Boy shocks Uno with a roll up for a three count. Cutler gets Avalon in the ring before landing a springboard elbow drop for a near fall, Avalon fights back and he nails a leaping Cutler with a uranage for a near fall. Colt Cabana w/ Evil Uno vs. Griff Garrison. Uno gets Boy out of the corner with a suplex for a near fall, Uno uses wrist tape to hit Boy with a neck breaker for a near fall. Stardom tags in and he nails Austin with a slingshot elbow drop, Austin fights back to drop Stardom and land a rolling neck breaker for a near fall. The other guy (The Butcher) is Andy Williams. by Mark Perry on August 23, 2020 at 12:15 am It is Saturday, August 22nd, 2020, time for another special time episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT.

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