the ant and the grasshopper questions and answers

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It requires students to identify the main character, goal, problem, solution and ou, The Ant and the Grasshopper is a multileveled passages set. R� ����1Vⱹ(Kn� �l�`�����;٣)�r.��B�J�# He wants to sing and dance.

‘Please will you let me in to the warmth of your nest, and could you spare me just a little of your food?’ asked the Grasshopper as he looked at the ant sorrowfully. He had a good wife and four daughters to whom he was the best of fathers. << What does this teach us about relying on others? �� Ԃ?�?_�3�(y/��Eg�Ҭ$35.���&�?똲3n������� we��݈0i��7G0��[4�r��ˌ�z۞�4������t�a���ǟIfɗg��p�Q{a��k��N�C��(�UM�GS�2�����]p� �.�OA;�6鎣V٠��/g�\=�ɚM�!i����HȦ�Dp����@��d�s/��HK�81�W�wJ�y+^qޖ�5f�Eet�ȕO���=�n�u��p��O��۸#��E�&y��&�)l�+�*��ƅ�(������c��%��%������ʼn࢜�� V�(���yo"ӆ��C֡]3V�h�ؽ[/6n�5���&mC����K�+D�š|Z��Ym2z���c`��Y�=Y��싣�-B?�A��m�wU�Mgw[T���q7�f�h%�d|��yd2F��FU���y�,;6���=�]��1+��-}�QT�Ü�`{ `W_v� �h6�3M��v��m歄s1JF3"�h�S���l��\�#.���̒�T�^z�*eE

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Read the Aesop's Famous Fable "The Ant and the Grasshoper". [0 /XYZ 18 >> Simply upload the file i, This digital reading comprehension passage and questions for 2nd grade features the Aesop's fable the Ant and the Grasshopper. �Ś�l7���)��Ž�f�YvRpl��0k�M(��d�̐!ueN /SA true You will receive your score and answers at the end. He is lazy. >> This is a practice test for the 3rd grade FSA. 292.399999 0] /Contents 19 0 R >> All answers (Chapter The Ant and The Grasshopper )written by Willan Somerset maugham. /CreationDate (D:20201021233157) Teach multiple standards in one week with this thorough fable resource. I haven't done one for awhile, so if you're looking to collect them all, don't miss this one at the low price of 2 for $1. ;d�M�QU4��dw�u}��J����*(�Ji �M������/#5���9 ~# /ColorSpace << This article will share The Ant and The Grasshopper Questions & Answers.

%PDF-1.7 Includes explicit and implicit questions. The Ants This allows all students to access the same text at their level.

If you want to succeed tomorrow, you should work hard from today. <> /MediaBox [0 0 595 842] Answer: In the story, George Ramsay is the ant who works hard for himself and his family.
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Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. )˴^�]�lXЎ.+�m�T{A�Uܫ��_���;ȭ��.y�V�Q-ڔ���_-x�v��=��e������6�� BX��� ��F!���1D�`�M�� ~��?���^(��M�r������R�ws�j�!

Multiple choice questions dealing with figurative language, theme, and character traits. He spent two years in Europe where he spent all his money and began to borrow money. For his own selfish needs, he exploited his own brother. /CSpg /DeviceGray /A << R� "Page includes sentence starters and a picture visual to help students answer the questions.Find all … >> endobj Which character in the story played all day? /Type /Action /Title (�� P D F) This includes: He saves money so that he and his family can have a good future. Listening Comprehension test to be given after reading the book to see if students can identify key details. *a copy of The Ant and the Grasshopper story with implicit comprehension questions Also, if you are lazy, you would not succeed. Summer foods taste better than winter foods do.

As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 79,000 lessons in math, /ca 1.0 The man was determined to take the matter to court. answer choices . The first has a grasshopper goofing off inste, This short lesson uses Aesop's Fable ; The Ant and The Grasshopper This story shows how planning ahead and doing you work first will help you out in the end. George looked gloomy and stared into space as if the world’s burden lied on his shoulders. �kv޺�zu,vf��B#�@9�~\���U�G��W�$N�zwc�j�/{��|��d�\E�A�`��� �q�o� �e6�6b^��Zg�sU׉��G��5�p�� �]_y��}iY��:�̠�oT�y˿�(,���V$\vx9��4�2Z��#Rh�N5�u*�[���K��]F$�m�Ml��:�w�?��%_�Yܑ^ �h׌z��������}`��av��Sg騣�������Y���Y��\��%�b3����;x*C��? @`7���\� �� �4"���c��B97��x��~�Ĝz3dt���� {�*���@��6d�����F�yV����nusO|n��ͫ�ZC�eTn��/r�bH����퀒�\7^� k�2ԓӸb�2�İG��d���m�I���Ơ˲��"h�9�do? You will receive 43 clipart graphics that were hand drawn by myself – 1 Ant Hill, 1 Ant Waving, 1 Ant Taking Inventory, 1 Ant with Shovel, 3 Ants Carrying Supplies, 1 Grasshopper Relax, 2 Grasshopper Playing Music, 1 Grassho, This mini-activity pack coordinates with the folktale "The Ant and the Grasshopper". endobj When the winter came the Grasshopper had no food and found itself dying of hunger. R� But the Ants went on their way and continued working hard. }_�������T�qI>�~z��b[Z�k�]��`��E� �/oP��l7�x�f5|��V��/tF�p�'�������|��f�{�,e��4$�v�T1�Y�n�m�՚��~�bW���]��zz1� �Y�;��Бl��~Lc��*�ݤG�H�͡Z��7�������l�A%��ʹ�J�;9tW�=�i6dc�K�7�/�W�и;H�$3�B[v�}q���r,ŋ���r�\EP0�~1�7QٷCy���uTK�V��6Q� ����K$�o��@��~j�=�Lj��|w�/H��|V�b�=�i\sʱo:�\R�3�������p�,�CuU�{�W� ����۷2��5�rV��w��ٱUC��c�T'[�%�o�6��IV1 �.H� ;��kw:ڹ����ˏ��MF�พ0`�$�Wz��T=5�����g����6���T�x�E� ��^�� ��g�/�u 13 0 obj This test practice passage features the classic Aesop fable, The Ant and the Grasshopper.

- 6 passages fo. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal Tags: Question 2 . R� /SMask /None>> '�P���k�M��j|D5�?� ��֋s�u@�h�jϤ�V However, one day he decided to leave his family and work only to enjoy his life. endobj The Interactive Notebook features help students understand sequencing and retelling- improving comprehension skills! Ant Grasshopper Bee. 21 0 obj R� * a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting The Ant and the Grasshopper and Disney's A Bug's Life It cost George five hundred pounds to settle the affair. *H���~3����9��U]��݅��Ã��g�ﯴ�߇'�PzXt��sV�)����(�H+�9�>�$�D�%3}e �5J1�T���[�q%��^�3�x3��Cw0`a��)�W�/��m��G��Ó.�z�'Tb��rV�@�L g�mߝ��S��:J�� These boom cards feature audio on every card to allow for maximized independence for both pre-readers and readers alike!

/ExtGState << #��֒M��m�߷�1�0Y�o0����\ �� ��ns��/��hH{0V�'e�����! said the Grasshopper; “we have got plenty of food right now." 793.519999 0] endobj R� �=Z^��Ŧ:Y5u ��H��R�4.�����ђ�s����=�����ٵm�q���� T�Ѡ��|s�����k ww�����ze8���%��H����k�|j��[JQ�׉�О�VO�bP�~�dǨ�W��S��������U��N5T_��i��4���/{ѷ�kL��3Sa���n��hD�C@.��j���g�,Y;��F��f��U��⑪ݛ%��^��x��WL�}��* �N�R�������8�NۋD�G�G�@�G�4� �c�Y��C�Z���ܨ(h%ػ1HK�.���U���ko[E��v����&"�r`*$�y�������vU��,�G�Qr��TIp���Pj�F�����+:Aq�q�G��n�;���=����o��Yq.�~�`��r��HB�Q����K��CVZ-ޒ��A�>E��kr���uI'u`
{{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons 14 0 obj Read these sentences from the text. Question 1 1. R� >> The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away. [ 18 0 R ] 5 0 obj All Tom did was raced, gambled and danced in expensive hotels. Shows resources that can work for all subjects areas. ��7���Rn��J�Wm��|u���!M��&L$�1E�V`&z��bIgԣC��o�Q���gLzV[�gAH��M�,uoPɩz �`B�����M�:ۭq�|�C3�܎���o�=�^���u��1T�Șj��D����U9"�捔IP�����"hE���0 #)(.��X���*;��]ڲ�D�J}_���^N���q�:Pq�W:�n=a�Yߤa�萪2��lLoH�/���=)�[y�^�{�P� דۑ�,��w�v�5a�� �FO����T�f`LsS9 22 0 obj ��Z���̽Y#�"��#*D�a-٨. (See just the online story for free, along with 9 other fables.) /Producer (wkhtmltopdf) Here is your answer Chapter 20 – The Grasshopper and the Ant Page No 168: Question 1: hardworking, arrived, starve, slammed Answer 1) Hardworking: to work with energy Example sentences: 1) My father is a hardworking family man. There's a time for responsibility and a time to be carefree. [0 /XYZ 18

endobj %PDF-1.4 Q. It includes reading comprehension activities for both a traditional classroom and distance learning. >> endstream endobj 385 0 obj <>stream He wants to sing and dance. Using the quiz and worksheet, find out how familiar you are with the story of The Ant & the Grasshopper.The plot, characters and lesson in this fable are all quiz topics. Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed. Biological and Biomedical

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