stone fox chapter 1

Use this vocabulary activity to go along with the final chapters in Stone Fox. Write a few sentences to describe what's going on in the picture. Have you tried to copy and paste the questions to a word document? Why was Stone Fox able to creep up on little Willie? PLAY. This is one of my favorite stories for this level. PLAY. Williams was there at the race too. My ESOL students are enjoying this story a lot! Why was Clifford Snyder at little Willie’s home?

Share practice link. The summarizer's job is to write a short summary of the chapters assigned and read his/her writing to the literature circle group. Little Willy thinks Searchlight can win the race to help his grandfather feel better. Chapter 6 Stone Fox. There is snow everywhere. Finally when he got there she was making a fuss about his taxes. What did Clifford Snyder point at Searchlight when she barked at him? Lesson 1 . A.

3rd through 5th Grades. Little Willy saw some dogs. Word list includes Willy, grandfather, Samoyeds, sled, potato, harmonica, winter, Wyoming, and Searchlight. Little Willy and Searchlight are in the lead. Grandfather is sick and ten year old Little Willie is left to care for the farm and find a way to pay the taxes. View PDF.

Stone Fox Comprehension Questions. The ten vocabulary cards in this printable file are made up of 5 word cards and 5 definition cards. potato. Use the clues below the each word to help you out. Why wasn’t little Willie scared to race like this at night? Homework . Little Willy took off like a flash. Gravity. 62% average accuracy. Little Willy was the fastest one in the race. What will happen if Grandfather doesn’t pay the taxes? (P.S. Stone Fox has a change of heart and even though he could have won, he allows Willy to carry his dog over the finish line and win. Why wasn’t little Willie able to sleep the night before the race? Stone Fox is saving up to buy land for his people. Williams already told grandfather that Willy asked too many questions. Edit. He felt happy when he signed up for the race.

He saw dogs. Created by. Test. Write. Little Willy went to see the mayor. by avillasenor100. Little Willy`s grandfather stored potatoes in an underground shed. Little Willy wants to be in a race. He said anyone crosses I shoot. Practice. What did Grandfather say when little Willie asked if he should sell the farm? Someone was standing in Grandfather's window. It was winter time in Wyoming. What did little Willie go get in the night from Lester at the general store? What does Grandfather do that worries Willy?

the upper surface of a room. Little Willy was so proud that he had forgoten about the race. Write. The question leader's job is to write a several open-ended questions for the group to discuss. Please login to your account or become a member and join our community today to utilize this helpful feature. the act of explaining.

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