staple food in nigeria

Apart from cooking beans just as it is, beans can be turned to MoinMoin or Akara, which are completely different from cooking beans normally. Required fields are marked *. Garri is made from Cassava and most people love it because it is heavy and it fills up the stomach easily, while others love it for its versatility too and its cheapness, making it very affordable for everyone to easily access.

Cassava majorly gives carbohydrates to the body which comes off as a starchy food and can be dangerous to the body. Please type your E-Mail . It has many different uses like ornamental use or medicinal applications, but it is mostly used in cooking. Okra is most commonly known in the west as “lady fingers.” Its origin is somewhat of a debated topic but it is believed to have come from the Asian and African continents, as the plant commonly grows in tropical and subtropical regions where the temperature is warm. Fufu, Local starch, Abacha, Cassava bread, Top 10 Emerging Fashion Designers in Nigeria, Top 10 Trending Movies on Netflix (Updated), Top 10 Survival Apps to have on your Mobile Device. Some people say bread can go with anything, which makes it one of the most versatile foods in Nigeria. Photo by Eka Sariwati on Unsplash. Sweet potatoes come in different sizes and colors ranging from purple to white to orange.

The most popular staple foods in Nigeria are: Nigerians also eat spaghetti and noodles, so you’re not far from home?. It is also filling and very versatile. Yam is enjoyed in a lot of Nigerian homes and can be found in different sizes depending on one’s budget.

Like the Yam, there are also many varieties of rice in Nigeria, and the whole of Africa for that matter. What is the staple food of Nigeria? It is found in every part of the country all year round.

Garri is of different types but the two popular types are white garri, which is better soaked as a snack and yellow garri which is better used a swallow.

Staple food is generally a type of food that is eaten majorly in large amounts that it, therefore, makes up a major portion of the regular food diet of a given set of people, and this type of food also attributes to their intake of nutrients. It has a light aroma and they are usually sundried. The curry powder gives the fried rice its highly appealing and highly appetizing yellow color. Most of the delicious foods you find in most Nigerian restaurants and hotels are made out of these staple foods. They are various brands of Noodles in Nigeria, and the prices of Noodles vary. Bread is not a Nigerian meal only, but with, its popularity in Nigeria it can as well be indoctrinated into the Nigerian circle. Egusi, after being harvested, is being dried and grounded and then mixed on most major Nigerian cuisine, usually as a soup thickener. You may still use it. I recently switched to healthy foods, so once…, Mr David : Where did you meet him? This kind of palm oil will cause your dish to smell and will negatively affect its taste. The popular.

9jaTop10 provides you with the Top 10 listings so you can make informed decision with ease. Lost your password? This food is a member of the tuber family, and is easily grown and accessible all around Nigeria. Beans Cassava Rice is eaten by all tribes, zones, religion and ethnic group in the country. Even amid these plenteous types of food, some food items are important or a must-have in every Nigerian home which is considered as the staple food. Also part of the Carbohydrate family is another staple food in Nigeria. A member of the root vegetable family and also a member of the yam family, this food is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and also carbohydrates. Share. Putting into consideration that there are over 350 traditional tribes in Nigeria, and each tribe has its native food – which may be over one delicacy.

Register to become a member of Answers Nigeria. You will receive a link and will create a new password via email. It is impossible to be tired of the different types of food Nigeria has to offer. happy married life !!! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I could help with your question…. In Nigerian cuisine, they always add Curry powder in Nigerian fried rice. In six charts, how prices of staple food items in Nigeria have fared in four years. Rice is also found in every restaurant or food canteen across the country because it is a staple. Please, how did Nigeria gain independence?

Yam Some people say bread can go with anything, which makes it one of the most versatile foods in Nigeria. Beans is also a versatile and very affordable food. Garri is part of the carbohydrate family and it gives energy to the body. Wheat. Cassava is a staple because it is used to make a lot of Nigerian swallows ranging from Fufu, Local starch, Abacha, Cassava bread, and other delicacies. The Ogbono is known for having high protein and fat content. Please type your username . Yam can be boiled – which can be eaten with stew, palm oil, or any type of sauce, porridge yam, yamaritta, and it can also be used to cook soup, the popular Ofe Nsala is not complete without the use of yam. In Nigerian cuisine, it is used almost every time on rice dishes, soups, plantain dishes, and bean dishes. The food they eat must then differ. Thanks for your answers. It is also very easy to cook, and does not need a lot of ingredients to cook it. Corn There is no one alive that you could ask about your genealogy? A hike or fall in food prices directly affects Nigerians as a whole but particularly troubles the close to 90 million Nigerians living in abject poverty when on the rise.

It is usually refined into an edible cereal grain, and is a staple food in the eastern parts of the world, especially in the Asian and the African continents. We have … As a swallow, it is easy to prepare and only needs an appropriate soup to go down with it, and even as a snack it is easy to prepare depending on taste.

They are available in most Nigerian home and they are affordable for both the poor, the average and the rich.

Noodles give carbohydrates to the body because of its starch content and this in turn gives energy to the body. Thyme is a very aromatic herb that is related to mint. This spice mix is discovered to have been used almost 4,000 years ago in the Indus Valley civilization. First time dating a Nigerian man I had a really bad experience ... Who is the richest Nigerian in 2020? Curry powder is a mixture of several spices that can be traced back to the Indian subcontinent. I think rice, beans, EBA (made from cassava) are some of the staple foods found in Nigeria. Beans Cassava The best sort to use in Nigerian cuisine is the red palm oil because the red ones are more pure. Egusi is a seed from either a melon, squash, or gourd. The Nigerian cuisine is known for being very heavily spiced, and this naturally calls for adding peppers to their dishes. There are various staple foods in Nigeria. It … Do not worry, we got you covered with Rice, Beans, Yam, Noodles. Keep in mind that palm oil in the cold has the tendency to congeal. One important thing to note is that the Nigerian cuisine doesn’t use the more popularly known hot Curry that the Indians use, which is known as the “Garam Masala.” Curry powder in Nigerian cuisine is only used for adding color and aroma to the dishes, and not necessarily to add spiciness to it.

It is very rich in fat and protein. I am looking to move over to Nigeria, I am from Southern Asia but married recently to a Nigeria man, I am just full of anticipation, I don’t know what to expect. This food is highly proteinous, which helps to supply nutrients that build the body. Whether it is the popular Agege bread or it is sliced bread or even whole bread, bread is appreciated however. It is a good idea to make your own version of the stock cube if you don’t want MSG in them. Millet Its our everyday every event food.

EGUSI. Egusi, … The popular Agege bread is mostly enjoyed by Lagosians because of how filling it is. You must note that Nigeria has over 250 different tribes and these tribes have different cultures. Bread is made from flour and baked to produce. The Crayfish is a freshwater crustacean that resembles the physical features of a lobster. There are a lot of different peppers that you can use in preparing Nigerian dishes.

RICE. In addition, there are also different variants of Beans, however the 3 major ones are; White Brown, Brown Beans and Sweet Beans (popularly called Ewa Agoyin).

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