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The Azorius Senate was meant to carry on his legacy by serving as the legislative body of Ravnica. The Azorius Senate is the police force, legislative and judicial body of Ravnican bureaucracy. Because of the guild's role in making and enforcing laws for the entire city, your place in the Azorius can easily bring you into contact with members of … Guildhall: New Prahv Location: Precinct Two Alignment: Usually lawful, often neutral Suggested Races: Human, Vedalken Suggested Classes: Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Paladin, Wizard Suggested Background: Azorius Functionary You might enjoy playing a character who belongs to the Azorius Senate if one or more of the following … The Azorius Senate is a sprawling bureaucracy, and people in a variety of positions throughout the guild can pull strings to make things happen. The guild considers itself to be the mediator and controller of all other guilds’ activities, even though most of its countless decrees are largely ignored. Azorius Senate Laws (GGtR) ... 3- In October a new Innistrad Set, where they fit the mess the Eldrazi caused, and explore regions and possibly races further a field then the core 4 provinces, perhaps introducing other types of Lycanthropes or murderous survivors of the genocided Innistrad elves. The parun (founder) of the Azorius Senate was a sphinx planeswalker named Azor, who also wrote the original Guildpact. Azorious Senate. Sep 5, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Moh Elsheikh. Highlights. your own Pins on Pinterest Maybe some evil fey too. Oct 11, 2012 - Also known as the High Judges, the Azorius Senate is Ravnica’s ostensible government. Guildmaster: Supreme Judge Isperia. ; The Boros Legion is a standing army that protects the Guildpact and contains the League of Wojek, the official peacekeepers of the City of Ravnica. Discover (and save!)

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