polly put the kettle on tune

abag | fd d2 | Beed | cA A2 | abag | fd d2 | In the linked abc file this is tune number X:5. |: BGcA BGGB | cEA>G FDDc | BGcA BGGB | E/E/E FD G4 :|

N:Repeat mark added at end Standard or ADae tuning (fiddle). "Polly Put the Kettle On" ~ the first take given here in D is transcribed from his playing… ( G is me having some fun ) Folkways FA 2399, New Lost City Ramblers - "Vol.

Was ae bawbee. L:1/8 N:Newpark, Bohey, Gortletteragh, south Co. Leitrim. Rounder 0058, Haywood Blevins (southwestern Va.) - "Old Originals, Vol. A song with the title: "Molly Put the Kettle On or Jenny's Baubie" was published by Joseph Dale in London in 1803. Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion From Herd’s Ancient and Modern Scots Songs (1776):

T: Jenny’s Bawbee Sukey take it off again, Sukey take it off again, Sukey take it off again, They've all gone away. B:Harding’s All Round Collection, No. O:England M:2/4 S:From Ann Winnington’s music manuscript book (No. D:Document DOCD 8029, "Leake County Revelers, vol. N: Transposed from Dmaj for comparison "Molly put the Kettle on" is a wide-spread and old tune in the American upland and Piedmont South, into the Mid-West, and remarkably similar in many versions to the "Molly Put the Kettle On" that was imported from Great Britain (see "Molly Put the Kettle On (6)" for a standard old English country dance version). Victor 21518, Ernest Stoneman - "Serenade in the Mountains. K:D N: Transposed from Dmaj for comparison Sally blow the dinner horn; T:Polly put the Kettle on [1] Pull that calico from the wall. S:George Spencer MS, GS.070, Leeds, 1831 Sukey, take it off again, Sukey, take it off again, Sukey, take it off again, They've all gone away. Marimac AHS #3, Glen Smith - "Say Old Man" (1990. The nursery rhyme goes: Polly put the kettle on, D Major. |: d>edc BGGB | cEA>G FDDB | d>edc BGGB | E/E/E FD G4 :| |: g/f/g/e/ f/d/d/f/ | g/B/e/d/ c/A/A/e/ | f/d/g/e/ f/d/d/f/ | B/d/c/e/ dz :|. K: Dmaj See also "Jenny Put the Kettle On (1). fdge|fdge|B2cc|d4:|, X:1 D:12/1928 in New Orleans, La.). F:http://trillian.mit.edu/~jc/music/abc/mirror/tunebook.org.uk/tunebook.abc 3, 1797, No. T: Jenny’s Bawbee It is one of a series which I hope to upload. Marimac 9038, Dan Gellert & Brad Leftwich - "A Moment in Time" (1993. Global Village C217, (Black fiddler and banjo player) Joe and Odell Thompson - "Old Time Music From the North Carolina Piedmont." Hear the Leake County Revelers' 1928 recording at the Internet Archive [2], Slippery Hill [3] and youtube.com [4], Columbia 15380 (78 RPM), Leake County Revelers (1928). ecAc|dBGc|B/d/B/G/ A/c/A/F/|G2G2:|, X: 1 # Posted on September 10th 2008 by nigelg dedc B County CD-3509, The Skillet Lickers (reissue). Clare Milliner & Walt Koken (Milliner-Koken Collection of American Fiddle Tunes), 2011, p. 425. There’s your plack and my plack, R:Reel Because I have no names for most of them I will use the title “Martin Collection No X” until someone with greater knowledge than I can supply a proper name. K:D |: a>bag fddf | gBe>d cAAf | a>bag fddf | B/B/B cA d4 :|

D:Columbia 15380-D (78 RPM), Leake County Revelers (1929. Sukey take it off again,

abag | fd d2 | Beed | cAA2 | All sources indicate that it was first published in 1797, although its tune is known to have been used earlier, in the 1770’s. Submitted on June 9th 2002 by kardshark87. M: 4/4 II" (1978). “Polly Put the Kettle On” is a nursery rhyme originating from England. https://thesession.org/tunes/749/comments, Key signature: G Major

Marimac AHS #3, Glen Smith - "Say Old Man" (1990. K:D major Molly put the kettle on, 496, entitled "Jenny's Bawbee." B:Stephen Grier music manuscript collection (Book 2, c. 1883, No. ABB. |:fdge|fdge|B/B/B ed|cAAg|fdge|fdge|B/B/B ec|d2d2:|, X:2 1&2" (2002). Polly put the kettle on, Submitted on September 10th 2008 by deeor. Victor 21518, Ernest Stoneman - "Serenade in the Mountains." Browse Properties
Browse/:Polly Put the Kettle On (5) Theme code Index 1H661H 5335 Also known as Composer/Core Source Charles Baldwin Region England Polly Put the Kettle On (1) Click on the tune title to see or modify Polly Put the Kettle On (1)'s annotations. “Polly Put the Kettle On” is a nursery rhyme originating from England. f2 ge fddf|gfed cA A2|afbg fddA|Bgec defg||, X:1 African-American fiddler Joe Thompson plays the piece in FCgd tuning. In Ireland and the USA, in earlier versions of the song, the name Molly was used instead of Polly. https://thesession.org/tunes/749 R:Reel They've all gone away.

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