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Some of you may know the diplomacy system from Vanguard which would be suited for this, but I do not think GW would dedicate so much sources to such a complicated PvE system. (Due to the amount of SPAM the blog has received, I have decided to activate Word Verification in comments. CE-Lamashtu. For eg if Paladins turn out to be uber-LG, then they could have attacks which rub off some of the Mark Of Pharasma's full efficacy.

This is a polytheistic system, and while clerics may often be henotheists or monolatrists who have a specific matron or patron deity, they do recognize that there are others, some of which are allies. It all sounds terribly... well... unbalanced. I twitch every time I see this. So if you pick a LG deity and your domans are Good and Luck. The game could track the percentage of a settlements population that worships each faith, and at certain population thresholds the people of a faith start making demands to fit the needs of their faith. Seeing as Golarion appears to be a world where the metaphysical and the physical both interact and exchange, it should be a very important component of world-building the game I hope. Many druids and others who follow the Green Faith seem more like pantheists or panentheists. The idea of having accepted deities chosen by the settlement managers, faith leaders for those deities, and NPC conversion as mentioned above could make for interesting times. Gorum fits PFO well as a war-god which seems inspired by Thor, but with less emphasis on hammer time. @Nihimon That's hardly fair. It would allow for more roleplaying initially and could eventually evolve into conflict vehicles. CN-Gorum I am really not happy that Sarenrae is not on this list. They're the powers associated with two of the NPC towns in our starting corner of the RK, so they'd be dominant in the area at least until players get into building. I don't see how you can leave both Caiden Cailean and Calistria out. The second two help balance out the demands of the first one.

Certainly not, I'm simply talking about the religion being a deep and meaningful concept in game and having its own unique gameplay experience. View original. It also possibly forces some interesting social dynamics. Why travel onto your next life when you can stay here, forever. The characters religion may determine a few special abilities of the character, but that is it. Those should be added in for the more major deities and pantheons as crowd-forging demands. For example: In that light, perhaps it isn't so much as converting people to solely your religion, but perhaps getting them to realize there is more to X god that they first realized and could either devote to them or start paying heed to them in addition to who they already nod to. That doesn't mean you cannot worship others, but these are the focus. You want to be like the Spanish monks in Age of Empires 2? Asmodeus is the patron of all Hellknights, but he's the most common one, and they're the foil for the Iomedaens. Can Desna shrine be built in a POI of a LG settlement? Each god grants a small boon to the town, scaling with piety (how much the clerics do the good works related to that faith).

CG-Desna of Alignment Lawful good 144. Lady of Valor I actually think that would be incredibly interesting...along with politics of domination that goes with it. I have hoped that Clerics would represent their Deities through performing acts reflected in the Deity's Domains and Sub-Domains. Not going along with that was often seen as sedition.

It certainly doesn't need to be ee content or even early oe, but I think it needs to be seriously addressed to add depth to the religious classes. Not to many players are interested in hearing about how awesome your fictional deity is. Which would be a motivation for redeeming/corrupting your opposition if you can, rather than the more expedient killing, but it still wouldn't make sense for the followers of Sarenrae and Desna to get in a serious conflict over whether sunlight or the night sky are more beautiful. What I would like to see is players able to convert NPC populations to worship of their deity, and tend to their needs to prevent them from running off to some other god. We're talking about forbidden rituals erupting a rift in the material plane for one's soldiers to attack the enemy deity.

On Golarion: Is advancement contingent on expanding access to a finite resource an acceptable game dynamic?

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