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Romantic Themes in Northanger Abbey June 9, 2019 by Essay Writer Jane Austen is commonly viewed as anti-romantic, but her novel Northanger Abbey possesses and promotes many of the ideas prevalent in romantic literature. Some of the novel has nothing to do with Gothic novels and conventions.

Catherine's imagination is shaped by her experience reading the Gothic novels of Anne Radcliffe. General Tilney is the novel's most materialistic character.

We hear her raving about the novel in several scenes during her stay in Bath. GradeSaver, 15 August 2010 Web. They may fret about their possessions in excess, but they do so in well-meaning ways.

Throughout Northanger Abbey, Austen mocks typical novelistic conventions for their predictability, though…, Northanger Abbey describes the experiences of Catherine Morland, a sincere young woman raised in a small, rural parsonage, as she comes into her first sustained contact with the worldly and sometimes hypocritical world of society. Austen's description of Catherine's overeager fantasy is clearly a parody of many Gothic conventions, ranging from the existence of a long-suffering female victim to the suppression of a family's history in hidden rooms and locked chests.

Northanger Abbey essays are academic essays for citation. He is the consummate consumer and also values people according to their wealth. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. Sensibility: Which is the Victor? She literally journeys from her parents' home to the city of Bath where she enters into society under the somewhat casual watch of Mr. and Mrs. Allen. In many ways, Henry's retelling of the Gothic horror tale is doubled by Austen's account of Catherine's quest to discover the circumstances behind Mrs. Tilney's death. From its very first sentence, Northanger Abbey draws attention to the fact that it is a novel, describing its protagonist Catherine Morland as an unlikely heroine.

Read the Study Guide for Northanger Abbey…, The Dangers of Innocence: An Examination of Austen, Blake, and Coleridge.

Isabella's schemes center around her desire to find a rich husband, and she uses a variety of techniques to ensure that she will be noticed, whether it is openly flirting with James or pretending to ignore Captain Tilney's attentions after she is engaged.

Austen's writing seems implicitly critical of these attitudes, but it is worth noting that Austen -- as exemplified especially in her more famous novels -- is more humanist than satirist; this is to say her humor is always gentle, laced with real affection for her characters and their foibles. Austen explores this idea playfully, even going so far as to wield tropes one might associate with more deliberately "meta" works of literature, as I note later in this section.

This first half resembles Emma or Mansfield Park more than it does The Mysteries of Udolpho.

Throughout the novel, Austen foregrounds the economic significance of marriage: in 18th century England, fortunes were built through family alliances. When Henry catches her at this task and scolds her, it is not amusing, as is Catherine's discovery of the laundry bills.
In once, Catherine unlocks the mysterious cabinet, expecting it to contain something horrible, and finds only laundry bills.

resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Northanger Abbey Themes. Jane Austen is commonly viewed as anti-romantic, but her novel Northanger Abbey possesses and promotes many of the ideas prevalent in romantic literature.

Most rooms in Woodston are tastefully furnished, yet one of the most important rooms--the drawing room--is still empty, thus calling our attention to Henry's bachelor state.

Letters are still the primary form of communication in the rapidly modernizing country, and characters wait eagerly for the mail coach to arrive (as when, earlier in the novel, Isabella waits for James to write telling of his father's approval for their marriage). Wealth and Respectability.
Imagination vs.

Catherine is on a journey of maturation.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our, read analysis of Wealth and Respectability, read analysis of Experience and Innocence.

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