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Maks. No compartment for cables - 3rd January 2018.

The ability to drive it using just the accelerator, owing to the strong regenerative braking effect of Nissan’s ‘e-Pedal’, came in very handy in urban driving. I always like to sacrifice the ability to have 100% torque all of the time... You should come and say hello next time, let me tell you about this particular "old" EV driver. On the morning after daylight saving ended, I assumed I’d have to manually adjust the Leaf’s clock. 65 years old. Nissan Leaf Acenta 40kWh MY19, 3,6 KW charger. The Leaf’s indicated range with a fully charged battery has begun to drop as the weather has cooled down, as is the case with most electric cars. NOISE SUPPRESSION The Leaf is one of the quietest cars we’ve ever tested; wind and road noise are very subdued. THE STEERING Reasonably quick, ideally weighted and accurate, it’s well suited for city driving. Standard equipment includes ProPilot (which combines active cruise control with lane-keeping assistance and blindspot monitors), as well as heated front and rear seats with leather and ‘ultrasuede’ upholstery, a surround-view monitor, a Bose premium audio system and full LED adaptive headlights. The new car also feels more stable than its predecessor did, so I’m hopeful that it’ll be more assured on the motorway. Then I jumped back into the Leaf, with its torque-laden electric motor and no gears whatsoever, and the contrast could hardly have been more extreme. Eventually they will paying the equivalent of fossil fuel levels. Have electric car. Get all the best car news, reviews and opinion direct to your inbox. The problem is that they aren’t smart enough to know when they’re no longer needed.

Much as I like the way the car drives, though, I’m noticing more and more things about the Leaf that irritate me to some degree, taking the gloss off what would otherwise be a very satisfying ownership experience. After fiddling with settings menus, I realised the clock had an auto-adjust mode. Are you as passionate about cars as we are? When it’s working properly, Ecotricity’s Electric Highway smartphone app seems like a neat way of connecting with the charging point, paying for the energy used and keeping tabs on progress. However, on one occasion the app went AWOL part-way through a top-up and refused to let me stop the process early, as planned. It does almost everything itself and can safely insert you not just into a parallel space but also frontwards or backwards into an end-on bay. It also has a disconcerting habit of speeding up once it’s heading almost straight in and then braking abruptly at the last second.

Tallene reflekterer ikke nødvendigvis reelt forbrug. During the summer, I’d normally expect to see between 160 and 170 miles showing on the instrument display, but recently it’s been down to around 145 miles. I was never a fan of the previous Leaf’s interior or driving position, but the new one is a definite improvement, with a much more contemporary design and higher-quality materials. Tilbuddet gælder udvalgte farver og i et begrænset udvalg frem til 31.03.2020.

Leasingydelserne er faste. Welcoming the Leaf to our fleet – 18th July 2018. No matter what the answers turn out to be, there are two things I can count on. No chance of our practical EV leaving us cold: you can pre-heat it - 5th December 2018. Meanwhile, I’ve had a few goes at using the optional ProPilot Park (£1090) driver aid that’s fitted to our Leaf. That still leaves me able to cover plenty of miles between recharges, so I’m not overly concerned, as long as the indicated figure doesn’t drop much more. You’re paying for the speed and convenience, though, and that figure still seems like a bargain next to the cost of the petrol or diesel you’d use to cover the same distance. However, there’s no way to overcome the huge step that you’re left with when you fold the rear seatbacks down to accommodate long items.

If you’re reversing into an end-on space, having started at right angles behind it, the car will often require at least two forward and backward manoeuvres before it’s done.

The other issue that detracts from our Tekna-spec car’s practicality is that the Bose premium sound system’s subwoofer – an oblong box mounted on the boot floor – tends to get in the way if you’re trying to slide a big box or suitcase all the way inside. I will consider about this car.

For what it is worth , many years ago, I competed in many motor races driving single seaters, sports cars and saloons. In which case, you can switch it off, giving the same level of creep as you’d get in a normal automatic. Priserne er eksklusiv metallak, vinterdæk, obligatorisk kasko forsikring, samt eventuelt ekstra udstyr, delydelse, brændstof og grøn ejer afgift. You never have to wait for the engine to restart or the gearbox to make up its mind which ratio is appropriate. (*). ), Mørktonede ruder (sideruder bag og bagrude), Chassis Control: Intelligent Trace Control and Intelligent Ride Control, Nød asssistance ved forkert tråd på speeder, Intelligent nødbremse med radar to biler frem, Advarsel ved vognbaneskifte uden indikering. You can unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe mechanism on any email you receive from us. følgende udstyr: 8" skærm kompatibel med 4G-forbindelse, Opvarmede sæder for og bag, automatisk kørelys, Skiltegenkendelse, læderrat, bakkamera.

Frankly, I reckon it’s far quicker and easier to do it myself, especially as the Leaf allows you to go swiftly from drive to reverse and vice versa at low speeds without putting your foot on the brake pedal. Rækkevidde - bykørsel (WLTP): 389 km. Disse tests er udført efter WLTP målemetoden. The fact that the process takes about three times longer than if I’d done the job myself – a good 45 seconds in some cases – is enough to put me off using it, though. That was adequate for the majority of my needs, including some longer trips of 200 miles or more, although such journeys still required advanced planning and at least one half-hour stop for a partial top-up at one of the rapid chargers that can now be found at motorway services. With 367 used Nissan Leaf Tekna cars available on Auto Trader, we have the largest range of cars for sale available across the UK. Prices: List price new £28,390 (including £4500 government grant) List price now £30,390 (including revised £3500 government grant) Price as tested £30,055 Dealer value now £25,900 Private value now £23250 Trade value now £22,900 (part exchange), Fuel consumption and range: Claimed economy 168 miles (WLTP) Battery pack 40kWh Test average 140 miles Test best 160 miles (summer) Test worst 100 miles (winter), Tech highlights: 0-62mph 7.9sec Top speed 90mph Engine Electric motor Max power 148bhp Max torque 236lb ft Transmission single-speed automatic Boot capacity 435-1176 litres litres Wheels 6.5Jx17in Tyres 215/50 VR17 Dunlop Enasave EC300 Kerb weight 1580kg, Service and running costs: Contract hire rate £437 CO2 0g/km Service costs none Other costs none Electricity costs £168 Running costs inc electricity £168 Cost per mile 4.8 pence Depreciation £4490 Cost per mile inc dep’n £1.33 Faults Occasional interior rattles.

Only then did I actually bother to look at the clock – and, of course, it was already set to the new, correct time.

Practicality is a strong point for the Leaf, with plenty of space front and rear and a good-sized boot that’s hindered only slightly by the presence of a subwoofer on the floor. Of the three trim levels available, mid-range N-Connecta gives you as much kit as you’re likely to need, but we’ve gone for range-topping Tekna, mainly because it opens the door to the full gamut of Nissan’s latest safety technology and driver aids. {xss:encodeForHTML(xssAPI,properties.txOverViewTabLabel)}, Hurtigladning med op til 50 kW effekt via ChaDeMo ladestikket (hurtigladning fra 20% til 80% på omkring 60 minuter (40kWh) eller 90 minuter (62 kWh).

They were all perfectly decent, except that I found them quite awkward to drive around town. I also like the progressive design, which seems to have grown on me. Hats off to road tester Ricky Lane for tips on how to extract the best from the Leaf. In most cases, a strategic top-up from, say, 30% to 80% in 30 to 40 minutes is enough to allow me to complete each journey. I had to phone Ecotricity to get them to do it remotely. Leasingperiode 36 måneder og 15.000 kilometer årligt.

Time to start using the Leaf’s climate control timer…, Battery-powered hatchback continues to deliver fuss-free urban motoring - 26th September 2018. My youth was spent restoring and building motorcycles in my parents garden shed, travelling around the UK visiting auto-jumbles and seeking out speacialised shops, as soon as I had my first full time job I bought an AlfaSud and over the years owned more Alfa's and Lancia's than I care to remember. However, they aren’t making me feel as warm and fuzzy about the Leaf as I would be if its driving manners were the only consideration. These deals are based on terms of 8,000 miles, for a 36 month lease with a 6 months initial payment. The front and rear screens can have cleared completely but the side windows will still be almost impossible to see through. Now, I have to confess that I don’t really see the point of such aids unless you really can’t park a car to save your life, but Nissan’s system promises to be more advanced than many previous ones. Once, I might have been deterred from attempting such trips by the prospect of having to wait for hours while the batteries recharge. It’s eerily quiet, lazily undemanding to operate and, perch of the seats notwithstanding, actually very comfortable.

We found out over six months, Haymarket Media Group, publishers of Autocar takes your privacy seriously. Unlike most conventionally powered cars, the Leaf never hesitates when pulling away from traffic lights or out of a side road into the flow of traffic. Although the Leaf’s instrument panel is clear and the digital part is configurable, I don’t understand why it still has an analogue speedometer, which seems anachronistic in such a futuristic car.

The side windows still seem a bit reluctant to clear properly, though, and the unheated door mirrors take even longer.

Sadly, it isn’t a Jaguar I-Pace, but it’s no less interesting or significant. The automatic emergency braking, while being a highly commendable safety feature, is prone to intervening far too often for my liking and in situations that seem completely safe to me. Some of my more intrepid colleagues even used the Leaf as transport when taking on the Three Peaks Challenge, covering 500 miles between Ben Nevis in Scotland and Snowdon in Wales without too much hassle. The discrepancy was first noticed one weekend as I was heading down to West Sussex for a party at a country pub – a round trip of about 120 miles from south-west London. Make the most of the ProPILOT feature including traffic Jam Pilot, Electonic Parking Brake and Lane Keep Assist. Frankly, I’d been hoping for something closer to 200 miles this time around.

INFOTAINMENT The 7.0in touchscreen seems rather meagre these days and the menus aren’t too easy to navigate. I’m convinced that driving an EV is also a guaranteed way of reducing stress levels and blood pressure.

- 15th August 2018. That’s better than the 124-mile figure that Volkswagen claims for the e-Golf, but only about the same as what you can already get out of a Renault Zoe.

Using the regular braking system was something to be avoided as much as possible, though, because the pedal felt spongy and often resulted in very abrupt stops. The same is true if I’m driving down a narrow road with parked cars at the sides. ****Rækkevidden kan variere afhængigt af flere faktorer, herunder variant, udstyr, kørestil, vejrforhold, belastning og terræn. RATTLES Unused seatbelt buckles tend to rattle against the pillars’ hard plastic, driving me crazy. There were a few rattles to contend with, too, notably from the seatbelt buckles tapping against the hard plastic trim on the door pillars. The Govt will have already worked this out but is keeping quiet about it, to allow all the suckers to buy electric cars for their “economy”. The e-Pedal function is especially convenient in stop-start city traffic and on stretches of road with lots of sleeping policemen across them.

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