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Even crazier than that, the National Enquirer is talking about Cooper's boyfriend on the front page. On Thursday night, the CNN anchor shared the big news on his show Anderson Cooper 360 and revealed the first photo of his adorable baby, Wyatt Morgan Cooper, boy on-air and on Instagram. I thought that was a telephone pole at first. But their joy didn’t last long. Anderson Cooper's Casually Outed in Haitian Adoption Tale The National Enquirer says Cooper and his boyfriend will adopt a baby. - Abbie Bartels' mother, upon learning her child was banned from graduation, Video: Conversation with Dr. Jack Kevorkian. whatever, not saying i agree completely, but i understand the sentiment. Anderson Cooper Announces Birth of His First Child Wyatt Morgan Cooper, who is named after the newscaster’s late father, was delivered by a surrogate. He proudly announced, "I want to share with you some joyful news. She was removed from their home and returned to her biological father after living with them for nearly 8 years. i hope they didn't think i was hating against them or something. it's really awkward when you say anything ever. I know my mom and dad liked the name morgan because I recently found a list they made 52 years ago when they were trying to think of names for me. They are the adoptive parents of a 9-year-old girl named Sonya, who desperately want her back. And I feel like a FOOL. i wish they would just leave the coop alone. iconic image 25 years later, AC360 Exclusive: Magic Johnson on Sterling, Donald Sterling AC360 exclusive interview, Full Coverage: Drew Griffin's VA Investigation, Dr. Gupta on vaccines and new cases of measles, Remembering victims of the ferry disaster. That is under review. Dave Hodgin, the adoptive father, spoke out after court saying “what happened in this court today is devastating for Sonya, Sonya doesn’t deserve the pain this court and DCS has given her. It's a family name on my mom's side. Though Oksana is 4 years old, she is much shorter than other children who are a year younger. The judge denied their request to vacate the order, ruling that Sonya will remain with her biological dad in Nebraska, at least for now.
Go behind the scenes with AC361°, Some fear international adoptions from Russia may slow due to U.S. family's 'return' of child.

Dave said he was “ecstatic.”. Why are veterans dying while waiting for care? Oral arguments in the case will likely be heard in April with a ruling by late June. Anderson Cooper's Casually Outed in Haitian Adoption Tale. We will never stop.”. Why'd you have to say that with a Ke$ha icon? Tune in weeknights at 8 and 10 ET on CNN. ), Jack Welch interview with Anderson Cooper, RidicuList: Denver debate performance theory, RidicuList: No one is hipper than Blitzer, Israeli Amb. ", Welcome Wyatt Morgan Cooper! I imagine them all together, arms around each other, smiling and laughing, happy to know that their love is alive in me and in Wyatt, and that our family continues.". ", He added, "My son's middle name is Morgan. : Red line is to prevent war with Iran, Fundraising co. & charity face new questions, KTH: Romney's personal history with welfare, Amb.

The United States plans to emphasize the importance of intercountry adoptions between our two countries, and will discuss our mutual concerns about how to better protect the welfare and rights of children and all parties involved in the intercountry adoption process. Why?
You see, the biological dad had been sentenced to 15 years in prison, which in Tennessee is enough to make you lose your parental rights if your child is under the age of 8. Administrators at Children's Home Number 59 in Moscow say Oksana was found by police, after apparently being abandoned. Office of Children’s Issues. All rights reserved. Because he ruled that her birth father’s parental rights had been erroneously terminated. Many legal questions are involved in this particular case. Like the law signed Friday by Russian President Vladimir Putin that prohibits families in the U.S. from adopting in Russia, similar measures in the past have destroyed orphans' chances at finding a home.

Like Rick Mercer in Canada. Over the course of decades of work, Aronson has seen families parent from a distance and maintain a relationship despite the complications of international adoption restrictions. :O omg I think that if he wants to not make it a big deal, its not really reporters' place to make it one. On Monday, I became a father. RidicuList: Celebrity endorsements for pres. It's really awkward when people are so casually racist. But Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that prohibits the adoption of Russian children by people in the U.S. The couple has visited Preston in Russia and they felt a connection. Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and ​celebrity gossip. $50 million in diamonds stolen at airport, 'Blade Runner' charged with model's murder, Fugitive ex-cop's threats and confessions, Slain Alabama bus driver treated kids 'like his own', RidicuList: Kids' calendar not so kid-friendly, Former hostage describes captivity underground, Incredible video of record-breaking surfer, RidicuList: Donald Trump vs. Deadspin Twitter war, Wife of former Armstrong teammate is furious, Manti Te'o says he's the victim of a hoax, KTH: Newtown harassed by conspiracy theorists, Gang rape victim inspires change in India, Emotional return to school for Sandy Hook, Recap 2012 through Anderson Cooper's tweets, Sandy Hook students return to class after shooting, Anderson and Kathy search for Ryan Seacrest, Dr. Gupta explains Hillary Clinton's blood clot, Weirdest part of Anderson & Kathy's New Year's Eve, Jesse, Catherine, Ben, Allison, Dawn, Anne Marie, Lauren, Remembering Daniel, Charlotte, Caroline & Vicki, Dogs help Newtown heal after school shooting, We remember dreams cut short at Sandy Hook, Beloved principle killed in school massacre, Subway Photographer: 'It's chilling to me', Catherine's pregnancy hospitalization explained, Investigation: Murder, money and politics, Lawsuit over 'strange' therapy to change sexuality, Outrage over police chief's $457,000 salary, Israel: 'Firing of rockets needs to stop', Rockets slam into office building in Gaza, Family reacts to BP Gulf Oil Spill settlement, Behind the scenes: You asked, Anderson answers, Lessons for Republicans after Romney's loss, Watch the president's full victory speech, Hero saves taxi driver from drowning during storm, Nurse saves baby’s life during Sandy evacuation, Docs and nurses help newborn after power loss, RidicuList: Bird poop and the perils of live TV, Fearless Felix only person to create super sonic boom, RidicuList: Pundits (including Lindsay Lohan), RidicuList: Cold cannonball = coccyx slam.

why is he surrounded by a butterfly and a fruit.... that tattoo makes him look like a vampire, if white people don't adopt black children then who will. "There is never a reason to give up hope," she tells CNN's Randi Kaye. "I hope I can be as good a dad as he was.

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