load bearing cob walls

I've heard that you can plant moss on the outside of cob to help weatherproof it, and I've heard that planting anything on the exterior of cob will shorten its life span. Moreover, in order to investigate the influence of the loading rate on the results, one specimen (Wall A) was tested by applying load at about one-third of the previous loading rate (about 0.025 MPa/min), in order to reach failure after about 50 min. Here, I would use posts running from the foundation to support the first floor, and then posts above those from the first floor to the roof. Grain size distribution of the adopted soil.

Due to the presence of the straw layer between cob elements, these surfaces constitute preferential fracture lines (Figure 8), where cohesion and friction forces are generally lower than those characterizing the earthen material. Our question is this: Would it be possible to use cob to make these rooms in our basement? The load was applied as uniformly distributed vertical stresses on the upper edges of the constrained elements at the top of the model. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Post-peak behaviour (dotted lines) cannot be considered as completely reliable since test was force controlled. This result is particularly important since it means that it is possible to obtain a first rough assessment of the compressive strength and elastic modulus of cob earthen buildings by using the external earthen material, that is, without invasive operations. The risk of possible collapse from saturation is just too high. However, I would recommend something more in the 6" to 8" range, both for ease of construction (very thin walls are harder to keep plumb) and for sound insulation. However, building a cob house requires a huge investment of time and work unless it is very tiny. In particular, if compared with CEB, adobe, and rammed earth walls, the tested cob walls have the lowest compressive strength, modulus of elasticity, and Poisson’s ratio. Also the failure mode in compression was investigated. Yellow lines: cracking; white line: undeformed shape of the cob element before testing; green line: deformed shape of the cob element after testing; blue dotted line: cob wall in undeformed shape. I am aware of the moisture issue and wonder if this can be mitigated? For each mechanical parameter, the relationships related to internal water content (the blue ones in Figures 11 and 12) seem the most reliable to provide a first rough estimate of fc and E01 values due to the higher values of R2.

Dependence of compressive strength on internal and external water contents. Volunteer  Disclaimer Of Liability And Warranty Basically, this area is where humid south meets arid southwest. The previous considerations were confirmed after the second loading, where the elastic modulus E01 obtained after the second loading (Wall A-2) was 1.45 times higher than the E01 obtained after the first loading. Remember that polypropylene bags are very susceptible to degradation from UV radiation.

In the following, the obtained results are compared with those reported in the literature for cob walls.
At this aim, uniformly distributed vertical displacements were applied to the constrained nodes at the top of the model. As a load-bearing wall, the compressive strength of wood and mortar allows for roofing to be tied directly into the wall. In particular, the compressive strength and the related vertical strain ɛfc are inversely proportional to ν. straw) is recommended for underground use. Then, three loading-unloading cycles of about 5 kN of compression (i.e., about 0.03 MPa) were applied to ensure that the upper side of the sample was in contact with the plateau of the press, as also made in [34]. The materials are usually very inexpensive, but there is a great deal of labor involved.

I can't find any information about nails or screws securing to the house. Please help! While a lot of studies were published on the mechanical behaviour of rammed earth, CEB, and adobe [7, 21–29], very few researchers studied the mechanical properties of cob, which constitutes a diffuse alternative to rammed earth and adobe in specific geographical conditions [21, 30–33]. First I would make a good draining rubble trench, then 18" of rock filled bags below grade (clay soil, no bedrock) then 18" of cement stabilized earth filled bags.

I am now in Chiapas and it is a little hot all year round.

As expected, however, a decrease of the compressive strength is observed due to the loss of the cohesive bonds between elements in the previous phase. This knowledge is today partially lost in West countries, but it is still possible to learn from historic earthen buildings by means of geotechnical analyses [13, 30]. A strong dependence of material properties on loading rate and water content seems to exist too. Your plan sounds workable. For each assumption, in Table 3, the coefficient of variations CV and the ranges of the coefficients of regression R2 are also reported, useful to provide an estimate of the reliability of the computed values. Granted this depends on the size of the earthquake, but from my understanding adobes don't do very well at all and I was wondering how cob compared to the concrete and stucco structures of today. The influence of the loading rate on mechanical behaviour was also investigated in order to evaluate the effect on the results of a slower compaction phase before reaching failure, as may occur in real practice.

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