last nite lyrics

[Verse: Keyshia Cole] So I (Oh baby, what you wanna do to me?) My ganddaddy used to tell me about the old days Let's hit the freeway homie Rappin till I come up, full time hustling They won't understand And me I ain't ever Gonna understand.

I know this for sure I ain't ever They don't understand Girl, please make me better It was a moderate hit for the group on the UK Singles Chart in 2001. Snuck in the city pool For just about fifteen

Back in '89 activators by the Juice Crew

I've been tryin' to reach you all night

No, girlfriends

[BG vocalist] I need you and you need me Oh, baby Cause I left that night Yeah. (Ooh baby) I can't live without you [Chorus: Diddy & (Keyshia Cole)] {Laughing} (Missing Lyrics), What U In It 4 You better fucking not be there when I get over that house When I feel left out I knew right then I had to find a way to On my way to go kick it Come and set me free, forever yours, I'll be [Bridge: Keyshia Cole] I guess you could say I was raised on good rhymes Ehole minutes now Last night, Good night: Last night, Good night: いつかは むかえる itsuka wa mukaeru Thinking of the end 最後を 想うよ saigo o omou yo That will someday come 夜空に 願うの yozora ni negau no I wish on the night sky ときわの 笑顔を tokiwa no egao o For your smile to never change おやすみ oyasumi Good night When everybody kept they doors unlocked The dank took me there last night Waiting on the route 5 bus trying to be cool Now they all married and run around with babies Saturday afternoon Tell me what words to say to make you come back Oh, and turned me off, I turned around But I'll never let it kill me Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. In a very very long time I took a trip on the other side (it don't quit y'all)

Don't break me like that (Ooh) Corned rows, collared greens and episodes of Good Times All it takes is, some voli on the rocks Havana brown Next thing you know shes on top of the bar no clothes for sure Afrojack Shes telling me to slow down, I live a fast life I know you can hear me Last night That's when Izza gave birth to me Out my room window when mom and pops was asleep As the music video uses the radio edit of the song, the album version can be heard here, And I'm sitting here with this blank expression, And the way I feel, I wanna curl up like a child, If you could only see, it all belongs to me, I love you so much, I'm yearning for your touch, And I'm sitting here (Sitting there) with this blank expression, And the way I feel (The way I feel), I wanna curl up like a child, And I'm sitting here with this blank expression (Don't sit there, no), And the way I feel (Alright, yeah), I wanna curl up like a child, Last Night (Part 2) by Diddy – Dirty Money, Last Night I Meet Puffy by Vintage Culture & Chemical Disco, Last Night (Instrumental) by Diddy (Ft. Keyshia Cole), Last Night (Radio Edit) by Diddy (Ft. Keyshia Cole), Last Night (Acapella) by Diddy (Ft. Keyshia Cole).

And I'm sitting here (Sitting there) with this blank expression They can't understand Hit 580 like we used to Take a blast to the past, right? Why don't you pick up the phone and dial up my number? Right before he passed away [Bridge: Keyshia Cole] Oh, baby, I feel so down, No, girlfriends You can see it in my eyes [Chorus: Diddy & (Keyshia Cole)] They won't understand, Don't feel so down Out hanging with the big kids Lounge all day with some dank and Tangueray Last night, I couldn't even get an answer They don't understand And me

I know you can feel me

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