jacobs ladder 2

Jacobs Ladder 2 Exercise Machine is an innovative and revolutionary cardio workout machine that provides unmatched weight loss results in a short amount of time. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Online Since 1996! Sunshine Children's Academy 155 Smithville Church Rd (478) 953-3233. Available only in continental US 48 states. Like the full commercial model, the JL2 is extremely durable and equally effective as a high intensity interval training tool for competitive athletes and low-impact cardio machine for safe and practical rehab work. The self-powered Jacobs Ladder 2 is only 27.25" wide, allowing it to fit inside most interior doorways. Now you can exercise your heart and get the total body strength results your body wants and needs.

Jacobs Ladder 2 is a more compact, home-gym version of the original Jacobs Ladder treadmill-style ladder climber. Jacobs Ladder 2 is a piece of home fitness equipment designed to bring the power of a full gym to residences and small footprint areas. Description Get the same workout and same reliability as the revolutionary Jacobs Ladder climbing machine, yet designed for the home or small commercial environment - at a lower price. Jacobs Ladder 2 carries a 2 Year Parts Warranty. The Jacobs Ladder 2 featured steel rungs with polyurethane sleeves. Muscle D Fitness MUSCLESTEPPER COMMERCIAL STAIR CLIMBER, Muscle D Fitness Deluxe 8 Stack Jungle Gym Version A - MDM-8SA, Your contact information (Name, Phone Number, Email Address), Your order number or invoice from your order placed with The Body Tribe.
Power: 110 V (220 V available upon request) Jacobs Ladder 2 is a piece of home fitness equipment designed to bring the power of a full gym to residences and small footprint areas. Power: The cardio workout remains self-powered. Other than that, the workout on the Jacobs Ladder 2 home fitness equipment is exactly the same with the same results! Choose your subscription preferences below. A list of the features and benefits included with your order including any additional gift vouchers & additional bonuses they provide.

The built-in digital display tracks heart rate, calories burned, the distance climbed in feet, and the rate of ascent for easy tracking.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. These include two Lat Pulldowns, two Low Rows, two Tricep Pressdowns,... Power Cage MD-PC Jumbo 3? 40° Good for back: 40° provides natural climbing motion, which takes stress off lower back, hips and knees. The Jacobs Ladder 2 featured steel rungs with polyurethane sleeves. Height: 65.5” However, Jacobs Ladder 2 needs to be plugged in (110V) to operate the digital display.

Both units are low impact on joints.

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