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For instance, Mr. X has paid the income tax of Rs.15, 000/- but his payable Income Tax amount was Rs.10, 000 only. This form will record all your financial information for that particular financial year. Check with the bank to confirm the receipt of refund. Answer: When paid income tax is more than the payable income tax, then the excess paid amount is termed as Income Tax refund. TIN acts as the repository of countrywide tax-related information. It doesn’t matter how inconvenient it is for all of us to pay taxes, but getting a tax refund is something we all eagerly look forward to. You can claim your income tax refund under Section 237 of Income Tax Act, 1961 if you have paid over and above the actual tax amount payable. Thus, for AY 2019-20, the last date to claim an income tax refund is 31. You will have to finish with the e-filing process to obtain your Income Tax Refund. "Where's My Refund" tells you to contact the IRS; Do not file a second tax return. In such a case, the taxpayer should get a notice from the IT department with the exact amount of outstanding demand and with the reason. How can you claim it? While in cases of delayed income tax filing, the interest on the refund amount is calculated from the date of furnishing return to the date on which refund is granted. If there are some errors or if the taxpayer has forgotten to enter any claim deductions or income, then the return can be revised. As the entire process of claiming a refund depends on the submission of ITR, the time limit for the claiming an IT refund is the same. Answer: By following the steps mentioned above, one can check the status of his/her Income Tax refund. Either the bank details provided for refund credit are incorrect; or, if opted for refund through cheque, your address is incorrect. You will have to contact your jurisdictional Assessing Officer, Rectification Proceeds, refund determined, sent out to refund banker. If there is a delay even after verification of ITR – V, then it is suggested to follow up with the CPC of the IT Department through 1800-103-4455 or +91-80-46605200 (From Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM). However, the irony here is that it’s your own money that you overpaid as taxes, and now have to claim by filing a tax refund. 11-07-2019. Income Tax Refund status can be checked from either of the following: Step 1: Go to the NSDL website to track refund. "Refunds are usually withheld by the department on account of ongoing assessments for the relevant assessment year or on account of a mismatch in the ITR filed and the details available with the department". Returns may take up to 16 weeks if you live outside Canada and file a non-resident personal income tax return. You will receive intimation over your registered email address, in case you’ve e-filed income tax returns. Product information is authentic and solely based on the information received from the Insurer© Copyright 2008-2020 But why did you receive the refund? However, your interest earned on the income tax refund will be taxable . You can check and provide accurate bank account details like bank account number and also the proper address to get the tax refund directly credited to your account. Correct the details and request a refund reissue. Ensure that the amount of excess tax paid by you is also reflected in Form 26AS. Question 3: How to check the status of an IT refund from the website of the government? The taxpayer can claim the income tax refund by filing the income tax returns (ITR) form. "Normally, refunds are processed within 20 to 45 days from the completion of processing of ITR by the Centralised Processing Centre. Set up direct deposit. In this case, the taxpayer may have claimed the IT return but as per the department of IT, one may not be liable for any refund according to their calculation. Now enter your PAN number and select the year of tax assessment from the drop-down menu. This amount is to be first adjusted against any existing tax liability under any of the Direct Tax Acts. Answer: Follow the below-mentioned steps to check the status of refund via myITreturn portal: Question 14: My refund of Income Tax is not processed still. check the status of your income tax refund, maintained by the Income Tax Department. This means the tax amount deducted is correct and the tax department does not have to refund any amount to you. Q- My refund was delayed by the government. The tax refunds whenever applicable are made in two different means to all the tax payers: An online facility to track the Income Tax Refund status is offered by the Income Tax Department. In order to check your Income Tax Refund Status Online, you are required to follow the steps below: Step 1: Log in to the official website of e-filing with User ID, Date of Birth or Date of Incorporation, Password and Captcha.
You can easily file your ITR by uploading the java utility form or excel sheet with all the required information in the online forms (if only you are eligible to file ITR 4 or ITR 1 form). Timely review the income tax refund status to take the applicable corrective measures, if any. When your tax amount paid is over and above the actual amount of tax payable, an income tax refund comes into play. Simple mistakes such as writing incorrect bank account details in the ITR form could also be the reason for the delay in refund. Yes, if your income tax refund has been delayed, then you will get 0.5% per month/ part of the month interest on your amount which was due. Rs.88,652 crore worth income tax … In case they find a discrepancy between the amount shared by you and the amount calculated by them, your application will be rejected. Answer: To know the status of this request, one has to follow the below steps: Question 10: Is the refund of the IT taxable? It is credited only if the refund claim is found to be valid by the department. Usually, the deadline for filing the ITR is July 31st of every financial year. If the excess amount of tax paid is not reflecting in your annual tax statement, then the assessing officer will reject your income tax refund claim. This happens when the amount of tax paid by a taxpayer is more than his/her actual tax liability for that particular FY. Alternatively, you can check the status at the e-filing portal of the Income Tax Department. For any assessment year, the time period for filing your returns and claiming a refund is the end of the assessment year. Ensure that the details of bank account mentioned at the time of ITR filing are correct to prevent any delay in the credit of the tax refund amount.

Refund has been accepted by the Income Tax department but not yet credited. This Portal is really useful even though i am not an accounting person.
You should ensure that you mention all required details of your bank account in order for the tax refund amount to be credit promptly. Once logged in, go to the 'View e-Filed Returns/Forms' section. Go to the website 06 Registration Code No.

However, if it is not received and he/she has selected direct debit in the bank account option, then he/she has to check with the bank for any issues.

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