hyundai county specifications

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Providing excellent thigh and lower back support, this fully adjustable seat provides a cradle of comfort and is effective in helping keep the driver alert. Louvers are installed over each passenger seat Note : Price range may change depending upon your location. This is the Hyundai County Electric, the Korean carmaker’s newest vehicle that it recently introduced in its home market.

The new CRDi (common rail direct injection) engine in the Hyundai produces 140ps and is capable of very fast acceleration with high torque even at low rpm.

It’s an eco-friendly people-hauler powered by a high-efficiency 128kWh lithium-ion-polymer battery that boasts a maximum range of 250km on one full charge. (Option), For safer stops, the Load Sensing Proportioning Valve selectively distributes hydraulic brake pressure between the front and rear wheels depending on the distribution of the passenger load.

Actual models and specifications may be different by region. The minibus measures 7,710mm long and comes in either 15- or 33-seat configurations, so there’s a good chance that physical distancing guidelines can be easily met with this vehicle.

and can be aimed precisely. (Standard on Super model), Electro static immersion system guarantees 100 percent coverage for greater resistance against rust. By continued use, you agree to our privacy policy and accept our use of such cookies. Human - Oriented Hyundai Design. Hyundai Truck Bare Chassis. The free-flow ventilator circulates a steady stream of air throughout the cabin for the greater comfort of the passengers and driver. (Package option with A/Con), While a console in the roof serves some map-reading lights for convenient, wide inside rear view mirror enhances safe driving, Driver and passenger sun visors block out the sun for safer, more confident driving. Bare Chassis. Hyundai’s mobility solutions come in all shapes and sizes, so it seems. Said battery can be recharged in 72 minutes with a Combo 1DC system or in 17 hours with a household 220V outlet. Price Usd: Below 20 K dollars ( $18,000 ) Category: Mini Bus: Fuel Type: Diesel : Number Of Gears:-Number Of Seats: …

“County Electric is a zero-emission bus that offers tremendous safety and convenience features for drivers and passengers. Hyundai Truck Bare Chassis. All Rights Reserved, Air Conditioning Louvers and Reading Lamps, ABS can detect wheel lock which can cause the vehicle to skid out of control and bring the vehicle to a safe, controlled stop while driving under slippery road conditions. provides a handy storage space for personal items and travel essentials. Find out more here. Logically organized gauges and controls provide the ultimate in driving convenience. Full- Formed Headliner.

Specification & e-Brochure Download. (Package option with A/con on Deluxe model).

Large size tandem booster provides plenty of hydraulic brake pressure to significantly reduce brake pedal force requirements.

(Optional). What’s your take on the Hyundai County Bus? The County headliner borrows passenger car technology to create a full formed, elegantly contoured surface which enhances interior elegance. (Driver: Standard. Hyundai County, a minibus primarily available as city and tourist bus.

Reflecting the human-oriented Hyundai design technology, the County interior combines outstanding ergonmics and aesthetics to provide a higher level of comfort for the driver and passengers. It has both 15- and 33-seat configurations, so physical distancing is possible. If you found your way to the website, you want to know more about cars. inquiry, Showrooms , Service Centers & Part Centers Contact Details, We are committed to offering best services, Always around you HD 72. For greater passenger comfort, the cabin is now wider and taller to provide best in-class comfort and convenience.

Our website obsessively covers the auto industry with news, reviews, high-quality photography and commentary about automobiles and the automotive industry. More detailed vehicle information, including pictures, specs, and reviews are given below. (Deluxe Option), Very effective while braking on steep descents, the engine exhaust brake reduces wear on the wheel brakes. The sensors are also connected to the gas pedal to prevent the bus from moving forward when passenger movement is detected. AERO TOWN.

The spacious glove box is located in front of the co-driver seat and (Package option with A/con). Using cable linkages, gear shifts now require a shorter stroke and reduced effort for the greater convenience and comfort of the driver. Always around you An option on the DLX, lumbar support greatly reduces driver fatigue on long trips. | Contacts

The basic feature deters theft and | Terms & Conditions A large and sturdy front bumper adds a muscular note to the elegant body styling theme while the built-in fog lamps provide additional illumination for greater safety in rain and fog. enhances driver comfort and convenience, The steering wheel angle can be easily adjusted to suit the driver personal preferences. (Package option with disc brakes). (Deluxe option). (Available with A/con package option on the Deluxe model. Ready to help your Available trims: Double Cab, Single Cab 2.6 GL Double Cab Single Cab 2.6 GL Year Vehicle type Truck Transmission type Manual Transmission details 5-speed Seat type Fabric Number of seats 6 3 Double Cab Single Cab 2.6 GL Engine size 2.6L Displacement (cc) 2,607 Acceleration … (Package option with A/con) Instrument Panel. Neatly styled overhead shelves provide a handy place for passengers to stow away their belongings. e-Brochure. Hyundai Truck Bare Chassis.

Ducts are now larger for improved air flow.

Hyundai Hyundai County Bus 2014 Technical Specs, Engine Performance, Body Dimension, Tyres, Brakes & Suspension System, Warranty and Safety Features.

From electric kick scooters to electric aircraft, and now this: a fully-electric minibus. You have all … Powerful reading lamps make for comfortable, relaxed travel.

Hyundai County produced by Hyundai.

Centrally located roof ventilator provides an auxiliary source of fresh air and always comes in handy. All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.

Aero Express Hsx . For greater passenger comfort, the cabin is now wider and taller to provide best in-class comfort and convenience. inquiry, Reliable and trustworthy maintenance program. © Copyright 2007-2020 National Car Company. Think this electric minibus could work well as a public transport vehicle here in the Philippines?

(option on the standard model). Passenger: Option), High fidelity 5.25-inch speakers deliver concert hall-like acoustics for your listening pleasure, Passengers will appreciate the bright illumination provided by the fluorescent lamp.

(Available with A/Con package option in the Deluxe model), The side panels of the County feature deluxe trim that matches the seat upholstery for greater elegance. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on Hyundai Truck Bare Chassis. Find its futuristic and unique style harmonizing with its practical personality. Whether you're a first-time visitor, a frequent site user, we hope you'll find what you're looking for. The one touch-type door switch is located at the driver fingertips and is easy to use. … Meanwhile, stopping power is provided by an electronically controlled air-over-hydraulic brake system underneath. The County headliner borrows passenger car technology to create a full formed, elegantly contoured surface which enhances interior elegance. Ready to help your Painted black, it lends a muscular look and provides thematic continuity between the side glass and rear section.

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