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His choice was Elizabeth Woodville, the widow of a Lancastrian knight, Sir John Grey, with two young sons. Did you know that the tomb has been opened since? This was done deliberately to contrast him with Henry, whose physical and mental frailties undermined his position. One of the princes' last visitors at the Tower of London had been a royal physician, called in to treat Edward V's toothache. [31], Unusually for the period, 12 of the new queen's siblings survived into adulthood, creating a large pool of competitors for offices and estates, as well as in the matrimony market. [16] Unusually tall for the period at 6 feet 4 inches (193 centimetres), he was an impressive sight in armour, and took care to wear splendid clothes. He died on 9 April 1483 and was buried in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. The two met in London, where Edward was hastily crowned king, before marching north, where the two sides met at the Battle of Towton. : The Case for the Defence", British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts, Humphrey Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Edward_IV_of_England&oldid=982796711, Burials at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the ODNB, Wikipedia articles with SELIBR identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with Trove identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. She promised her support in return for Henry's agreement to marry her eldest daughter Elizabeth. [22], Most of the nobility had either remained loyal to Henry or stayed neutral, forcing Edward to rely heavily on the Nevilles. [65] [66], These included books for both entertainment and instruction, whose contents reveal his interests. Why did Edward IV’s death cause a bitter power struggle in 1483? [60] He invested heavily in business ventures with the City of London, which he used as an additional source of funding. On the 13th March 1789, Sir Henry Emlyn was conducting renovations in the chapel for King George III and the tomb was accidentally opened. Just history. Edward loved Windsor and in particular St George’s Chapel, and his funeral showed the Yorkist love of art and ceremony. [24], Although Edward preferred Burgundy as an ally, he allowed Warwick to negotiate a treaty with Louis XI of France; it included a suggested marriage between Edward and Anne of France or Bona of Savoy, daughter and sister-in-law of the French king respectively. We do not know what the cause of his illness was, although it has been suggested that it could have been Pneumonia or typhoid, or even poison. Consolidating the regime initially took precedence, but John Neville's victory at the 1464 Battle of Hexham seemed to end the Lancastrian threat. At this stage of Edward's career, contemporaries like Philippe de Commines described him as handsome, affable, and energetic.

[35], Outwardly, the situation remained unchanged, but tensions persisted and Edward did nothing to reduce the Nevilles' sense of vulnerability. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

[42], The restored Lancastrian regime faced the same issue that dominated Henry's previous reign. During the turbulent years of the Wars of the Roses, Edward IV reigned not once, but twice taking the crown for the Yorkists. York took over government, his chief supporters being Richard Neville, 5th Earl of Salisbury, and his eldest son, Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick. Since 1996, excavations have uncovered over 50 skeletons from the battle; an analysis of their injuries shows the brutality of the contest, including extensive post-mortem mutilations. Of their seven daughters two died young, one took the veil and became a nun, three married well and one, the eldest Elizabeth was to become Queen of England when she married Henry Tudor, uniting the houses of York and Lancaster. Edward fled to Flanders, where he gathered support and invaded England in March 1471; after victories at the battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury, he resumed the throne. The Titulus was annulled by Henry VII, since his marriage to her daughter Elizabeth added legitimacy to his claim; Stillington died in prison in 1491. On inspection, the skeleton of the king was found to be an astonishing 6’ 31/2” tall for a man of the 15th century. His funeral cortege left on the 9th April passing Westminster Abbey, Syon Abbey and ending up in Windsor on April 19th . Together they had ten children, three sons, Edward, Richard and George. In 1541, Henry VIII executed Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury, daughter of the Duke of Clarence, while a number of attempts were made on the life of her son, the last legitimate direct heir, Cardinal Reginald Pole, who died in 1558. Edward's name appears alongside those of his father, Warwick and Salisbury in widely circulated manifestoes declaring their quarrel was only with Henry's evil counsellors. However, the evidence for these is circumstantial.

[75], Edward had ten children by Elizabeth Woodville, seven of whom survived him; they were declared illegitimate under the 1483 Titulus Regius, an act repealed by Henry VII, who married his eldest daughter, Elizabeth. Edward died on 9th April 1483 at Westminster Palace, but not before recovering sufficiently during the preceding days enough to make amendments to his will which named his brother Richard of Gloucester Lord Protector, in preparation for his 12 years old heir Edward’s ascension to the throne.

[52], Edward's health began to fail, and he became subject to an increasing number of ailments; his physicians attributed this in part to a habitual use of emetics, which allowed him to gorge himself at meals, then return after vomiting to start again.

[73], Edward spent large sums on Eltham Palace, including the still-extant Great Hall, site of a feast for 2,000 people in December 1482, shortly before his death in April. The boy-king, the doctor reported, had been praying and doing penance daily in the belief that he faced death. [12] York crossed from Ireland to England; on entering the Palace of Westminster, he declared himself king, a claim greeted by the assembled lords in silence. Unusually tall for the period at 6 feet 4 inches (193 centimetres), he was an impressive sight in armour, and took care to wear splendid clothes. [3], However, the birth of Henry's son, Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales, in October 1453 created a viable Lancastrian figurehead, and the 1450s was dominated by political conflict between the two factions.

Grace Plantagenet, recorded as attending the funeral of Elizabeth Woodville in 1492; This page was last edited on 10 October 2020, at 11:53. Warwick remained in London, while York, Salisbury, and Edmund marched north to suppress another in Yorkshire; all three were killed following defeat at Wakefield on 30 December, leaving Edward as the new head of the Yorkist party. Despite a continuing threat from Henry Tudor, the last Lancastrian claimant, Edward reigned in relative peace for the next twelve years. Shortly thereafter, a French offensive recaptured Normandy, leaving Calais as the last English possession in Northern France; despite responsibility for this defeat, Somerset was appointed King Henry's chief minister. By all accounts, Elizabeth possessed considerable charm of person and intellect, while Edward was used to getting what he wanted. In 1470, a revolt led by Warwick and Edward's brother George, Duke of Clarence, briefly re-installed Henry VI. 16 year old Edward of Westminster died on the battlefield, with surviving leaders like Somerset executed shortly afterwards. [47] Many of the estates held by the brothers had been granted by Edward, who could also remove them, making them dependent on his favour. [5][b] Edward and his siblings George, Duke of Clarence, and Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy, were physically very similar, all three being tall and blonde, in contrast to York, who was short and dark. It is recorded that “the king had started to get fat”, with even his doctors commenting on his eating habits. [34], With Edward still in the north, the royal army was defeated by a Neville force at Edgecote Moor on 26 July 1469. London [13] The Act of Accord agreed a compromise, whereby Henry remained king, but York and his descendants were designated his successors. Warwick responded by building an alliance with Edward's disaffected younger brother and heir, the Duke of Clarence, who held estates adjacent to the Neville heartland in the north. 1", "Guyart des Moulins, La Bible historiale", "Was Edward IV Illegitimate?
[36], In March 1470, Warwick and Clarence exploited a private feud to initiate a full-scale revolt; when it was defeated, the two fled to France in May 1470. [76], Edward had numerous mistresses, including Lady Eleanor Talbot and Elizabeth Lucy, possibly daughter of Thomas Waite (or Wayte), of Southampton. Death of King Edward IV 8th April 2020. Edward was buried in a tomb in the North Quire Aisle where his tomb is now, but it was more elaborate in 1483 with his jewelled sword and cap, crimson velvet coat-armour, gilt harness and jewelled banner all on display.

Other suggestions include pneumonia or malaria, although both were well-known and easy to describe. Of their seven daughters two died young, one took the veil and became a nun, three married well and one, the eldest Elizabeth was to become Queen of England when she married Henry Tudor, uniting the houses of York and Lancaster. His funeral cortege left on the 9th April passing Westminster Abbey. Of the 10 kings buried in St George’s Chapel, King Edward IV is probably the most important as it was he who commissioned the building of the chapel back in 1475, primarily for his place of burial. [38] With French support, Warwick landed in England on 9 September 1470 and announced his intention to restore Henry. The failure of attempts to reconcile former enemies like Somerset meant he was noticeably more ruthless after 1471, including the execution of his brother Clarence. Edward and his successors lost much of their leverage as a result. Elizabeth's mother, Jacquetta of Luxembourg, came from the upper nobility, but her father, Richard Woodville, was a middle ranking provincial knight. Edward and Edmund were probably brought up at Ludlow Castle, in the Welsh Marches, where York was the dominant landowner. It is recorded that “the king had started to get fat”, with even his doctors commenting on his eating habits. Shortly afterwards, Henry VI was found dead in the Tower of London. This was followed by Henry's death a few days later; a contemporary chronicle claimed this was due to "melancholy," but it is generally assumed he was killed on Edward's orders. [6] His youngest brother, who later became King Richard III, closely resembled their father. [7] The Titulus Regius argued Edward had agreed to marry Lady Eleanor Talbot, rendering his marriage to Elizabeth Woodville void. [9] English politics became dominated by the struggle between the Yorkists, and supporters of the House of Lancaster, or Lancastrians, notably the Duke of Somerset, William de la Pole, 1st Duke of Suffolk, and Henry's wife, Margaret of Anjou. [54], The cause of Edward's death is uncertain; allegations of poison were common in an era when lack of medical knowledge meant death often had no obvious explanation. We do not know what the cause of his illness was, although it has been suggested that it could have been Pneumonia or typhoid, or even poison.

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