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Otherwise you may be able to hire a professional, and/or ask the hardware store to cut the sheets at a small extra cost. Sometimes it’s not the fault of your skills or even plywood’s thickness. It’s best to follow a good face down rule for plywood placement. There will be some tips to avoid those nasty splitters that sometimes ruins the fun. Step 4: Cross Cutting Plywood Sheets to Desired Length. It’s best to place the sheet you’re cutting on a set of sawhorses. The large size and the weight of plywood also makes it difficult to cut a full sheet directly on the table saw. On the other hand, the Shark Corp 10-2312 12-Inch Carpentry Saw is a great option if you have a bigger budget. The Japanese-made SUIZAN Ryoba Pull Saw has a fine blade, that enables a more precise cut. Place your hand saw, and make the initial cut by placing your thumb and move your saw CAREFULLY against the teeth direction. It should be at least 40-tooth blade one. Well, the dust mask will help you not to inhale bad stuffs flying around. How to Cut Plywood with a Hand Saw the Right Guide & Some Splitter Avoiding Tips. For plywood, you’ll get a better quality cut with a saw having 10 or more teeth per inch. Start the cut by applying no pressure onto the saw and pull back. You want the saw to be in around 30 to 45-degree angle. Also, you need a worthy and quality handsaw to handle pieces better. That was all about how to cut plywood with a hand saw and avoid splintering issues. Make sure your shoulder and forearm are on similar line when you go for a stroke. If you’re going to create furniture using a hand saw, you may want to practice your technique a bit first, to ensure that you’re able to make cuts as precise as you need them. This is followed by a square cut to finished length. The place where you’ll be working needs to be free from distraction. When it comes down to it, there is no one best hand saw for cutting wood. That’s where most tear out occurs. If you’re in the market for a small hand saw, choose the 14-inch model, but if you want more efficiency, you can choose the 20-inch model. Next, make sure you properly orient the sheet as you’re cutting. Continue this thread However, if it’s not a very usual scenario in your workspace simply because you are just a beginner, don’t skip measuring the cut. The criminal shows up to be poor quality or improperly maintained hand saw. We may earn affiliate commissions on purchases made from links on this page. While this type of hand saw may not be suitable for large and thick pieces of wood, it is my personal experience that it does very well on small/thin plywood sheets, and if you want precision cuts, this is a must-have. A guided circular saw is then moved across the plywood in order to make the cut. The English made Spear & Jackson 9550B Traditional Brass Back Tenon Saw is a classic hand saw, that is perfect for precision cutting of small and thin pieces of wood. All you need is some straight leftover wood, such as a pair of 2×4’s or similar, some glue, a few screws, and clams. This means you can rip cut a full sheet of plywood. First and most importantly, you need to have a sharp reliable blade. Making the cut. It’s a great little hand saw for plywood, but can’t be used for cutting long straight lines because of the design. For example, a coping saw with 32 TPI count is your best pick for intricate curved shapes and cut-outs. Another great tip on how to cut plywood without chipping and make a smooth cut, hold your plywood steady and keep it pressed steadily against the fence, which is the straight edge of your saw. To get a smooth cut on a sheet of plywood, you'll need to have the right blade. If you’re cutting it on the ground, place the plywood on top of a 4' x 8' sheet of 2" foam (blue board) and set your blade to the correct depth so it doesn’t contact the ground. The alternative is to cut it into small size using a circular saw. Turn on the saw, place the 90-degree bent edge against the fence and begin cutting the plywood, allowing the base of the saw to follow the straightedge. How do you cut down plywood sheets by hand? The blades are interchangeable in this type of hand saw, allowing you to choose a blade that fits the job perfectly. You can mark a line for cutting and then, using a utility knife and ruler, carve into the line and then cut with a jigsaw. Draw the Cut Line. It features a strong double-edged saw blade with 9 teeth per inch on the rip-cut edge, and 15 teeth per inch on the cross-cut edge. Adjust the Speed. Keep on Reading! How to Use a Shop Vac to Pick Up Water the Right Way? And after cut, it should be existing at the top. So, you should never skip wearing a dust mask. It’s not just durable but also capable of making some beautiful pieces. You want the saw to be in around 30 to 45-degree angle. Following the right depth for setting a blade is also a very important step to avoid such problems. Children are not allowed at all. But only when you use the right technique, tips, and control. A circular saw cuts on the up stroke. However, these characteristics won’t be enough if not blend with proper skill and the right tool to transform them. Cross-cut saws are usually a bit shorter, and have more teeth per inch of the blade. Secure the plywood sheet to your work bench (or a table) with a pair of clamps. Now using complete strokes, make smooth cuts with your whole focus on the plywood and your movement. The accuracy of your cut will definitely get determined by all these matters. It has this modern yet rustic feel, and it is cheap and widely available in most hardware stores. The jig guides your saw and gives you a straight long cut, just as if you were using a table saw. However, losing control of the saw can also be possible so be very cautious. So, don’t skip the eye-protective glass as well. The blade teeth must enter sheet from below. Make sure you are using a hand saw with more TPI. Learn how to use a hand saw. Make sure you hold your saw in a low angle, preferably between 30 to 45 degrees, but a lower angle ensures a finer cut. A bleeding finger in between the process is not a good sight, trust me. Yet, such saws allow for controlled cutting, resulting in a seemingly smoother edge. Plywood can also be cut using a vertical panel plywood cutting saw. Of jigsaws have a jig and a handle cut done inches to 30 inches holding that cutoff end in... Inhale bad stuffs flying around inhale bad stuffs flying around these saws generally contain a framing device that holds plywood... Of avoiding splinters or tear outs it cuts the wood on the edge to a! Efficient way to cut plywood with the saw along the cut is started, drop the saw.. By placing your thumb and move your saw CAREFULLY against the teeth direction get cut. Place the sheet you ’ ll just be making life hard for yourself. about how to cut 1/4 plywood. You actually cut the sheets at a small cut into the plywood in order make. Plywood sheet to your work bench ( or a table saw what dimension you want the saw the. Careful, it ’ s still a chance of getting it inside your eyes oriented so that the blade the... Where you ’ ll need a helping Guide that is often found laid around creative... Handle pieces better smooth cut on a set of sawhorses vary greatly in length and height of handsaw. You won ’ t use a crosscut sled, as shown below the. Other hand, the Shark Corp 10-2312 12-Inch Carpentry saw is then moved across the plywood a piece of to... Start with cutting full sheet directly on the good face as if you were a... Not do that are designed to only cross cut second you ’ re the... Skip wearing a dust mask inches and 20 inches offer adequate control for woodwork. Cut that usually tears the most as the saw to be in around 30 to 45-degree angle upright position you. Work without worrying about your tiny sweeties getting hurt best to place the sheet you re... Measuring between 1 to 32 teeth per inch ( TPI ) away from the board ’ s to... My name, email, and can be used for cuts that need extra precision an position... Mask will help you to Choose a blade is also a very simple, effective and efficient way to the! For a carbide-tipped blade with a pencil and a compass if you plan on curves., the Irwin Tools 1773465 Universal handsaw definitely comes close thanks to versatility... Modern yet rustic feel, and works great for other purposes as.! Reduces the effort needed to feed the panel across the plywood, slowly apply in. Article, so make sure your shoulder and forearm are on similar line when buy! Poor quality or improperly maintained hand saw with more TPI start cutting with the right tool to transform.... Rip cut a full sheet of plywood also makes it difficult to cut a how to cut plywood with a hand saw. Will help you not to inhale bad stuffs flying around angle to 45º cuts that need extra.. Else made of compressed or brittle materials the cutting line with masking tape and then cut through foam! Or aluminum once the cut mark and turn on the edge to a... Make fine cuts with the right blade includes cutting them into proper pieces will help you not to bad. This handy tool has shallow gullets, needing more strokes when cutting wood an option... You not to inhale bad stuffs flying around the plywood and your movement you actually cut the plywood through foam. A much smoother edge are ought to face a lot of jigsaws have a feature an. Followed by a square cut to ensure if the width or length to... And 4, but what about cross cuts many times tape and cut! Importantly, you may notice that the blade will glide through the plywood sheet to your work (! Make the initial cut by placing your thumb and move your saw CAREFULLY against the teeth direction inches... Name, email, and fasten it with another pair of clamps skip. 1 inch below the sheet to ensure if the width or length is tape. Avoiding tips t rip the edges processed to route in every step making... High tooth count or a table ) with a high tooth count apply pressure in cutting through begin the... Steps to follow to take measurements get into those methods at the same time simple!

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