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Bear will repair sags or indentations that are greater than 1 inch and that weren’t caused by using the wrong foundation.

Love this mattress! After night three, I thought I would have to take pain meds my body was so sore. Love how it give that memory foam contour without that memory foam grab. The Bear Hybrid mattress captures all the most coveted features in a mattress and jam packs them into this state-of-the-art hybrid. There are many positive reviews from sleepers about back pain and muscle relief that they have experienced because of the beds offered by Bear. I also spent over $2000 on that mattress, so I kept trying to tough it out, thinking that I might just need to break it in further. Very comfortable. Verified Buyer.

There was no soreness!!

Was initially unsure about committing to a bed folded into a box and not being able to try it first, but this bed has exceeded all expectations. I would buy this mattress over and over again. Like I said - amazing! We don't recommend using a traditional coil box spring, because it does not provide an evenly distributed surface area for foam-based mattresses. I’m use to mattresses being really bouncy so it’s a nice change. I didn't hobble. Read Less. I have had my mattress for a month and a half now, and it has been a really great replacement for my previous inner-spring mattress.

Slept on by two generations (at different times); could have slept forever; no issues with rolling in the center; back pain has disappeared; was looking for a bed with some firmness with some padding; this bed was perfect. Maybe it’s because I am now getting quality sleep as compared to my old spring mattress. Love it! It's a little firmer than I expected at first, my wife too. Especially for the price.

Has helped my sleep immensely. Made with pain, pressure and comfort in mind, the Bear Mattress has become a mattress that can give certain sleepers a great night’s sleep. It is exactly medium-firm a perfect mix of comfort and support for us; firm enough for the back-sleeping wife yet soft enough for side-sleeping me.

The reviews here are aggregated from other sources across the Internet and although we have tried only to find trustworthy reviews, the content and scores here may be subject to manipulation by agents acting on behalf of manufacturers and marketers. I should have done this years ago. The firmness level, the cooling factor, and the overall comfort of this mattress is unbeatable. Fast and free delivery right to your home.

It took a week to get used to, but after that we have never slept better. I’ve had the bed for a month now and I’ve really enjoyed it. I have slept through the night in a deep sleep for the entire month that we've had our bear mattress. Every mattress features high-density support foam. My partner LOVES the mattress.

Thank you, Bear Mattress!

This has about ...Read Morea 6 1/2 out of ten on the firmness scale which I thought was soft (it's not). The memory foam mattress that started it all – the original Bear Mattress. With this purchase I upgraded from a traditional spring, queen size to the Bear cal king. Bear has included tried-and-true efforts by incorporating heat-absorbing gels to keep sleepers cool. The Bear mattress is great if you’ve had a hard workout or long hike and need a little extra care for your bones and tissues. Her sleep has really improved since we got our new mattress. Read Less, My Bear mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on.

It's time to get a good night's rest with Bear. Worth every penny! Here is what's inside the Bear Hybrid: Layer 1: Alike to the Bear Mattress, the first and most important is their Celliant® cover. Grab this code before you buy for additional savings at checkout. My work is very physical for a woman and I wondered if a Bear mattress would be a good choice for me. I always assumed it was due to my back pain issues. How much does the Original Bear mattress weigh? Purchased it for my son after many failed attempts and he loves it; hasn’t slept this comfortably in a while. Bear Mattress is engineered to provide optimal cooling and muscle recovery for athletes, and those living an active lifestyle. We purchased a King size Bear Mattress about a month ago. Comes with four pre-programmed positions and infinite variations in between, all controlled by wireless remote. Disclosure: By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Nerd may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Middle Layer Details: 2.5" of BEAR MATTRESS Quick Response Foam. Prior to sleeping on our Bear mattress, we woke up with aches and pains. Will soon be purchasing a second. My back feels much better in the mornings. Your screen name will look like: Since I have slept on the Bear it has only slowly been getting less painful to sleep at night. My stiff joints and back have improved as a direct result of switching my mattress to Bear. While I'm not sure it's working for me (personal feel only), there is nothing about this experience that was particularly negative up to this point; I knew there would be a chance for this to happen buyin...Read Moreg a mattress sight unseen. Then wait for it to expand to its full size. Evander Smart Founder of Bitcoin University.

It took me about a week to get used to this mattress...but mostly because our last mattress was soo awful. We got use to it in about a week or so and have been enjoying it s...Read Moreince! Sleeping cool and sleeping longer now! There are only 2 small drawbacks for me: 1) I am heavier than my wife, so she ends up kind of rolling into me sometimes when she gets too close 2) It's 10 inches thick, which isn't bad, but I'm used to a taller mattress which makes it easier for me to reach items on my night stand. Save big on Bear mattresses, accessories, and bed bases. available mattresses, in addition to other online options that match Now after a few weeks, it’s great! We're not super active people so I was curious whether this was the right mattress for us. Highly recommend this mattress. This bed was at least 25 years old; it could vote and legally drink before I could.

If you want to send the mattress back before the 100 days expire, Bear will send someone out to pick it up and give you a full refund. I haven't had an amazing experience, but I'm still hanging on. The Bear mattress took the best part of a foam mattress—its ability to contour to your body—and amped everything up by using four different levels of foam.

Since getting the Bear I have slept cool! It does not sleep warm at all.

And it is! Made with pain, pressure and comfort in mind, the Bear Mattress has become a mattress that can give certain sleepers a great night’s sleep. I’m tall - 6’2” - and I am celebrating that my feet no longer dangle over end of bed. The mattress and foundation were delivered and installed quickly with no issues. It feels firm to the touch, but once you lay down you’re transported to a cloud. I would put it in the same class of other mattresses of the same type (Casper or Leesa). The first couple of weeks my body and the mattress were getting used to each other but now I love it. My husband likes a more firm bed and I like a bed that is a little bit softer. If so, please take a moment to

When I run and jump onto it it doesn't sink. Layer 5: The last layer is high density support foam, which reinforces the layers above and supports the body. One of the bed frames was damaged in shipping, and I’d have to say that the follow up from Bear Customer Service was fantastic. No complaints here. The Bear Mattress arrived with no problems and was a breeze to set up and ready. Took me a week to get my body use to the new bed, now it is amazing, I would suggest giving this bed some time before you make a final decision. I would recommend this mattress to anyone looking for a a truly remarkable sleep experience. You don't have to be an athlete to be a good candidate for a Bear. It's soft enough for her, but firm enough for me. This is the best sleep I’ve ever gotten. Bear Mattress brings innovative cooling technology to sleepers with their addition of Celliant® technology on their Bear Mattress, Bear Hybrid, and Bear Pro mattresses.

Check out our in-depth review of the Bear Hybrid Mattress. Celliant® is a very special material that reacts to your body heat to create infrared light and clinically has been proven to help blood oxygenation and circulation. Not anymore. That was about a month ago.

Since getting the Bear, my back feels completely normal again which makes my life way better.

I have not woken up aching since I got my Bear. You get great value for your money and can even check out the mattresses in their showroom in Hoboken.

Read on to understand why choosing the Bear Hybrid may guarantee you a better sleeping experience. Love it! Restless nights as a result. My husband and I are both back, stomach and back sleepers.

Relieved my shoulder and back pain within a month. Read full disclosure statement. We loved the fact that this bed had almost zero motion transfer. After the Bear arrives, you’ll have to set it up yourself. My fiancé and I are not athletes by any means, but I'm a light sleeper and he moves around A LOT. I've had trouble falling and staying asleep for the past few years. Not enough to be noticeable.

Celliant®, sourced from natural minerals, activates the body’s natural heat and reflects it back as infrared energy, a common tool used to promote a more restful sleep.

80 Regina Drive, Suite 3 Cranberry, PA 16319 Phone: 814-677-1200 Bear's Mattress …

Sleep soundly and can’t tell when my husband gets out of bed.

Bear mattress has been a great experience. Both my husband an I love sleeping when the room is very cold and this mattress has lived up to its claim of keeping cool. Save Selected Size Note: The product line specifications above were derived from the active Bear models listed on GoodBed. After I bought my bear mattress I really sleep comfortably.

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