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Jake deviates from Grandpa after an argument, attends the World Dragon Summit and engages in a fun prank fight with Fred Nerk, the Australian dragon. American Dragon: Jake Long follows a teenage boy named Jake Long, a half human, half dragon whose job is to protect both the magical and non-magical worlds from threats of both kinds, all while dealing with real life problems like school.. Power of the Verse. Owl | Captain Amelia | Pleakley | Santa Claus | Mayor of Halloween Town | Jacob Luke Long Aurora (2014) |

Pluto | Tadashi Hamada | Mona | Sparky | This article is about the TV series and character. Tonto | Scuttle | Rafiki | Percy | Hiro Hamada | Ansem the Wise | Maid Marian | In 2006 Disney Channel renewed the for a 2nd Season. Prince Dastan | Charlie Calvin | Magic Carpet (2019) | Dog With a Blog •

Soon after, Jake begins convinced that his dad's a wimp to a girl named Marnie and hurts his feelings when Jonathan overhears Jake's word. Nearly the series begins, Jake is fed up when Grandpa leads him through a series of disgusting and seemingly pointless workout drills, leaving his Grandpa in the hands of Huntsman and Huntsgirl. Meanwhile, the Dragon Council want to testing Jake's dragon ability by going to Grandpa's shop without any announce. For other uses, see, List of American Dragon: Jake Long episodes, American Dragon: Jake Long -, Former Disney Channel original programming,, 2000s American animated television series, 2000s American superhero comedy television series, American animated television shows featuring anthropomorphic characters, American children's animated action television series, American children's animated adventure television series, American children's animated comedy television series, American children's animated fantasy television series, American children's animated superhero television series, Animated television series about teenagers, Television series by Disney Television Animation, Pages using infobox television with editor parameter, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

Rose moves to Hong Kong, but Jake is happy as Rose is happy. Radio | The Owl House • Jetstream | Jumba Jookiba | Benny the Squirrel | Nala | Rapunzel | Vincenzo Santorini | Rabbit | Andi Mack • Zugor |

Tantor | Ratso | Mighty Joe Young | Wreck-It Ralph | In the end, Rose uses the magic skulls to destroy the Huntsman and the Huntsclan, but is affected as well. Olaf | Jake went back at the graduation on time and at that time, a blood drop of Jake's injury during the fight hit on the ground and make the Dark Dragon alive. Tod | Meanwhile, a vengeful group of ghosts plan to take revenge on the living occupants of the camp by kidnapping the winners of an upcoming camp race. Mama Odie | Shadow | Trixie criticizes him for only caring about looks while she began to suspect with the possibility that Danika is a siren that's hypnotizing Jake into doing whatever she asks. Jake is a half-dragon while Danny is a half-ghost.

Eeyore | At that time, a group of dangerous vampires called Strigoi who have drained the blood of many dragons came to New York City and target Jonathan is the American Dragon instead of Jake. Gantu | Dumbo | Yo Yo Flamingo | Lucy Pevensie | Keoni Jameson is going away for the weekend, so Lilo uses a shape-shifting experiment to transform into him, and win the island's skateboarding competition's grand prize. It also airs on Disney Channel in Australia. American Dragon: Jake Long is an American animated television series.

Miss Spider | Bagheera | Sin embargo, siguiendo la continuación de Kim Possible hacia una cuarta temporada, Loter regresaría a su trabajo como director, pero continuaría como productor ejecutivo de Jake Long. Big City Greens • Chiro | Maggie | Shane Wolfe | Sara Oracle (Tara Strong): Kara's twin sister who is always happy, although she can only predict bad things. And to stop the chaos, Jake has only one solution: sing a song called The Hubba Hubba Hula on the live boardcast. Kala | American Dragon: Jake Long was created by Jeff Goode. Lucky Jack | Frou-Frou | At the Academy they find Rose and are reunited, who helps them with their mission and confesses to Jake that it's too dangerous for her to leave the Huntsclan. Luong Lao Shi (maternal grandfather)Jonathan Long (father)Susan Long (mother)Haley Long (sister)Cathy and Patchouli (aunts)Gregory (cousin) Ryan | Flora | Scott Calvin | When training an ancient magical goblet containing a powerful evil is used as a trophy on his school's talent show, Jake must take on Spud the Magnificent and risk losing their friendship while preventing Professor Rotwood from unleashing a terrifying creature trapped in an old chalice. Data-Riku | Occupation But after one sinister deal with the Huntsclan may end up bringing an end to all magical creatures, Jake confess to Grandpa and together with the goblins, they got back the package from the Huntclans and Jake is no longer want to work for Brocamas. Nick Parker | Shanti | También ha sido transmitido por The Family Channel en algunos lugares.

Hector Barbossa |

Archimedes Q. Porter | Pete | Einstein | Thackery Binx | But when he inadvertently releases a dangerous Chimera creature into the Dream Realm, Jake, Rose, Spud, and Trixie must work quickly in order to stop it. Set in the New York City borough of Manhattan, this animated series tells the story of Chinese-American Jake Long (voiced by Dante Basco), who must balance ordinary adolescence with the power and ability to change into a dragon. And just like Jake's wish, he is enjoying the lifestyle of being an adult, while Trixie & Spud had to stay at the elderly house for magical creatures. Milly and Joe Farrier | High School Musical • Mr. Beaver | At night, Jake tried to defeat the Strigoi but got weaken by the Sphinx's hair they got, Jonathan later saw Jake in human form and began battling the Strigoi while Jake make the final move to kill them once and for all. Riku Replica | Katrina Van Tassel | Tired of Rotwood's persistence, Jake goes on an online blog where he thinks that he will not be noticed, and gets misinterpreted by the magical community, thinking that a bounty is now out on Rotwood's head. Spring Sprite | Mr. Centipede | American Dragon: Jake Long was created by Jeff Goode. Giselle | Tick-Tock the Crocodile | J.P. Spamley | It premiered on Disney Channel on January 21, 2005, and ended on September 1, 2007.

Cassandra | Lauriam | Lumière |

While using his Dream Charm to have secret dates with Rose, Jake gets the idea to use his charm to access Rotwood's mind in order to obtain the answer key for a future test. Widow Tweed | Will Stronghold | Jake Long was your average Chinese-American teenager growing up in the streets of New York City. Jenny Foxworth | Dave Stutler |

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