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did not see. it only worked if I disabled OPEN IV, Personnellement pour moi la voiture ne ce change pas, Tout en Add on la voiture ne spawn pas et nis en replace la voiture reste d'origine (celle de gta5). Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

Hi, can i rename the files with another vehicle and replace it?? The mod is of course excellent, but let's push the unnecessary stuff? Hi, I am doing GT-4586 this one
I've never found a car with so many problems. Thank you. the game loads and then exits. Please help. -I will be updating the mod with the newest DLC pack so it works with the actual update.

Just need a more visible headlights and daylights for daytime, they are too dim. Selecciona una de las siguientes categorías para empezar a explorar los últimos mods para GTA 5 en PC: 13.527 descargas , 30 MB @Vans123 does this one have working led on steering wheel? thanls. Spoiler and fenders are messed up. Basically I can't get any mod created by you to work. Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest GTA 5 PC mods: The reason why it doesn't sound so realistic is because of the way the audio. @rami3361 nice i have a EVGA GTX 750 Ti , Intel 6500k , 16 gb Ripjaw v ram , 2 x 8 gb sticks. ... GTA 5 Cheats Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 [Add-On | Tuning] 1.5. This can work with any car you want. Thank you. Its all in ASCII Coded form Like this Ë¢³µ´úÂ룺458. Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest GTA 5 PC mods: ... Ferrari 458 Italia - First vehicle which I convert to the game.

Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest GTA 5 PC mods: Tools; Vehicles; Paint Jobs; Weapons; Scripts; Player; Maps; Misc; Forums; More. Per your instructions: Right click on "handling.meta" and choose "Edit" for the first time very cool job. Others fxxk, porsche 911 from other creators work. Hello, I really Love all your mods Be patient it wont take longer than the weekend as im currently working on a car. Hi, my friend, i like your car, can I add it to my DLC? @backfire D Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 Features: All regular car functionsHQ InteriorHands on Steering wheelBreakable GlassDigital Dials RearWheelDrive Tuning Parts 11 Liverys 2 Exhaust3 Spoiler Primary Color: Body Secondary Color: Interior/Rollcage Installation description included!
Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest GTA 5 PC mods: 97.831 downloads , 88,7 MB would be great if you could check it out and maybe subscribe! so I would like to use your engine from 458 what do u think about it ? What do you think is pissing off the games memory with these sounds? @backfire D Previous dlc.rpf file was about 150mb but new one 200+mb and these are different. (or replace the Carbonizzare) Hot Pursuit Police version of this car Model from FORZA AUTOVISTA = GREAT quality ! 1.0 (current) 13,515 downloads , 32.6 MB July 03, 2017. I had to reinstall GTA5, because with the scripts it didn't work anymore. so I would like to use your engine from 458 what do u think about it ? i am having problem in 458 Italia the Right Side Front and Rear Wheels of the car are pushed in through the Fenders i can send you the image of the bug can you share your Email?? @Vans123 Why shove other mods into a file for other machines?

Thank you for your great modes but your modes operlaps. sorry. Please help. @rastakilla If it crashed only one time then it's just the game being a video game but if it crashes every time then something's wrong with that sound file. Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest GTA 5 PC mods: 181,225 downloads , 53.4 MB Where is the dirt? God man if we can just get the pitch ranges in GTA V like this one in TDU1 Full of bugs. @Game68240 *THUD* That's the sound of my jaw hitting the ground. 05 settembre 2015. THANK YOU.. LOVELY RIDE.. 大灯 灯罩是黑了一点 但是 里边的透镜灯 真实的458的确是这样的@490368198, 发些一些问题:后轮刹车碟比前轮大,前车灯较黑(应该是深灰),刹车碟和卡钳比较往外凸,车尾灯是半透明的,时速表太暗,方向盘的四个小灯应该是随着速度而亮。。。. I tell myself! Give me credits for the converting job! 2014 Audi R8 V10 Spyder [Add-On | Animated Roof], Portuguese Public Security Police - Unmarked - Seat Leon [Add-On], [ELS] San Andreas State Police Mega Pack (KSP). For example i firstly installed Lamborghini venono mode(yours) after i tried install this mode but dlc folders overlapped(vanmods).

All Versions. Hello, what program do you use for making/exporting or editing the car mods? ?great quality tho, The read me says dlcpacks:\gtr\ but i think it should be dlcpacks:\458\ and the spawn name should be also 458 then. Learn how to create your own GTA V car on @indirivacua oh. how do i spawn the vehicle now?

Ferrari 458 Italia - First vehicle which I convert to the game. Assetto Corsa mods and RFactor mods, @rastakilla Thanks man i will see what i can do, @rami3361 Which editing software are you using? Thk you ! so I would like to use your engine from 458 what do u think about it ? We replaced the CARBONIZZARE vanilla car, yet for handling you wanted us to change the files for POLICE2? I played around with semi and fine tune under pitch menu to dial in the exact sound size as the original. Guys, always when a car doesn't appear in the game, it might is the false path then, when it worked in the past :D :D so now its patchday8 ;) for massacro replace, not patchday3 any more :D. Great !! this one doesn't work either. Ferrari 458 Real Sound Mod 1.1 This is a real sound mod recorded from a real Ferrari 458 on a dyno test. Please toyota hilux, your cars are fantastic. @Vans123 Hey man! @indirivacua how to spawn the car in the game? Updated, I asked Oleg which was the problem and he help me to fix it. Btw amazing work dude! Happy Birthday GTA V! how to fix bug with right wheels(both of them), anyone knows? Its all in ASCII Coded form Like this Ë¢³µ´úÂ룺458. Can you fix turning on the replacement? ya dunce, does not work. i installed mine through add-on. Im a bit confused for the replace method., @rami3361 Oh and I also use Goldwave Add-on version is not customizable for me, I can customize wheels, lights and plate. GTA V ; Carbonizzare (Ferrari 458) Location? @SCRAT Ignore the childish comments, this car is very handsome, especially the tail light, but the roof part disappears from the first person perspective, looking forward to your repair. :D. Emm Why is the part that should be around the wheels inside my wheels? But i dont know how to spawn them? Use "Search" and type "police2". Shrunk the file size down to like 512KB...went into the game started an Infernus it sounded absolutely wicked for the first 5 seconds and then the game froze crashed. Download Share. Enjoy!

@rami3361 Ok I put the high accel into the editor and boosted loud parts and raised the pitch scale a little. @Tor992 To make tuning work you have to change in the carcols.meta file located in the data folder in the mod (use OpenIV in Edit mode) all the "id value" (2 of them, one at the beginning and one arround the end) that is equal to 175 to any big number like 17963. Can anyone help little stupid me? Here's a much more accurate and realistic handling for this car: All I did was use boost loud parts preset and increase pitch scale. Cat Noir from "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir". i guess that visual mod looks cool, i will give it a try :). Files work this sound was taken from a video of a Ferrari 458 on a dyno test but unfortunately because of the way the audio files work in this game it doesn't sound like real life all I can do is improve the audio a little bit and I did everything I can but that's all I can do for now, @TheCarModder Project cars doesn't even have a Ferrari, @rami3361 Hey bud I know some great engine sound resources.

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