2017 chevy volt premier adaptive cruise control

Description: Used 2017 Chevrolet Volt Premier FWD for sale - $14,975 - 34,851 miles with Leather Seats, Power Mirror Package, Power Package, Navigation System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Preferred … 2017 Black/Black Premier. The next picture shows the widened hole with the hot glue. How do I know the car I'm looking at has it? I also know that there are a couple of sales people who also belong to a chevy volt group on facebook who have also said they have not head of when it will be available when people have posted the questions to the group. After the sensor was re calibrated it failed a couple of times on the drive home and has been working good since. I got the same message. I've been looking for decent information on this system. I covered some of the issues surrounding ACC and how I use it in another thread (beware of following distance of car behind you being one of the top considerations). We'll see. The only time I'll have to really hit the regen paddle to achieve better regen is when I am on high speed 60 mph or higher and coming to a stopped traffic way ahead of me. You will learn how to use it just fine. Interestingly enough GM chose to use almost all the same parts as Tesla uses for their system. I'm also surprised on how much I like the heated steering wheel. I have driven in a hard rain with the ACC on and no problems, I think the windshield wiper cleans over the camera. Thank you. I was experiencing this problem on my 2017 Premier w/ACC, and I took the car to the dealer to inspect the brake pedal for any problems that were interfering with the cruise control. So my cruise wouldn’t engage yesterday and this morning until partway through my drive when it started working again (no apparent cause). (while some older ACC systems disengage under 12-25mph), In addition, ACC also adds UGN, Forward Automatic Braking (full speed) meaning that your car will prevent a collision at least up to 25mph(thereby awarding the '17 Volt IIHS's TOP SAFETY PICK+ with Superior Front crash prevention), It must be a later build MY17+ (Rumored to be around July 2016+) Premier with Driver Confidence 1 and 2, The front grill has a split section with the Chevy bowtie in it (this is where the radar is), When you hit the cruise control button you see a logo of a speedometer with an arrow pointing at it with a car behind it. Heh, I got the very first Volt with ACC in the Phoenix metro area -- I waited for a bit before one was available since it was a required feature for me but as soon as one arrived, I snapped it up. Looks like it worked ... for a couple days. A few details have emerged on the 2017 Chevrolet Volt due this spring in all 50 states. I don't have ACC so I don't know if this system uses the camera but if it does you might want to check your service receipt to see if that is part of it. Yep you made the right call, ACC is amazing! Really enjoying not buying and burning gas! You set the speed you want to go, say 70. Love it.

The brake position sensor is mounted by a single screw and a separate locating pin. I recently had my sun visor on in a hot parking lot. _______________________________________________________. See if it helps. Also given the nature of millimeter wave radar the system can have issues in heavy rain and snow. Please update us on what the dealer finds. Option code KSG on the order sheet. Other than that, great car! Full-speed adaptive cruise control is now available on Premier models. A forum community dedicated to Chevy Volt electric car owners and enthusiasts. 2017 Peperdust Volt Premier. They called me around five hours after dropping off the car saying it had been fixed, citing replacement of the "Brake Pedal Push Rod Retainer" (part# 39081933) as per Service Bulletin 16-NA-147. I have made another appointment for Tuesday. ACC is only on Premier models? The quickest way to tell is by looking at the front grill.

A forum community dedicated to Chevy Volt electric car owners and enthusiasts. News not available in September is this option will fetch $1,195 in theory, but actually $2,185 in fact. here it is, my thoughts for "new to you" volt (2011 to 2015) owners, right or wrong, in one post....: A couple of times with my Volt this summer. If traffic will not allow you go that speed, the car slows down. Just gave up ON GM and bought a loaded Subaru Outback with Eyesight and lane KEEP, NOT JUST THE STUPID BEEP WARNING I turned off after a week.

The upper windshield was blocking the camera. Might get a Volt in the next year or so. I had this happen recently. Second time, I parked for a bit and it came back when I restarted. I have not taken it in yet as I know the tech will find no issue since it's a random failure. All-new last year, the 2017 Chevrolet Volt adds a few key features. If the camera is not happy, the LDWS would not be happy? The car has been working flawlessly ever since, and I have restored confidence in my cruise control. I mention all this because I think if George Hotz got a ACC Volt it could be a better development platform for openpilot than the Acura or a '16 Civic as Honda Sensing doesn't have BLIS or front/rear sensors. I have the same problem with mine. Thank you for the source of the information. JavaScript is disabled. The tech at the dealer i spoke with told me that the voltage reading when the pedal was not pressed was higher than it should've been even after changing the sensor. 2017 Chevy Volt Premier Previous Leasee of 2013 Ford Fusion Plug-in Hybrid "Energi".

Apparently they are doing a reprogram of the front camera software which just came out and some folks are saying it has messed up some of the camera dependent systems. I just makes things so much easier. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. In the end, the tech widened (drilled it out) the brake position sensor locating hole just a bit to "adjust" the sensor position by a few degrees. The tech re calibrated the brake position sensor and found out there is a new TSB and a new clip for the brake that came out just a few days ago. That said I got the Adaptive Cruise Control Temporarily Unavailable message today with no rain and it was 55F. I'll be the debbie downer here and mention rust forming around the exposes metal due to drilling...unless the metal is ALUMINUM 8^). 2014 CLS550. I took it in and they recalibrated (again) the sensor.

GM-Volt: Chevy Volt Forum > Chevy Volt Forums > Generation 2 Volt (2016-2020) > Problems/Issues, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Gen2 Volt > Cruise Control will not engage (2017 Volt Premier, not adaptive cruise) Windshield was clear but I needed to wipe off grill area to resolve. As of when I spoke with him Saturday he had stated that he had no information yet on the availability of the ACC and that every Thursday when they have there sales meeting he asks the question of when it will be available. Additionally, Teen Driver is now part of the MyLink system.

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